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Kuala Bay (Yulin) Water Park was Open to Public

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Kuala Bay (Yulin) Water Park
Address: Yuling New District, Yulin City, Guangxi,China
Area: 600 acres
To be Open in July 2017

The planning land of first phase of the Kela Bay Water Park is 250 acres, all equipment provided by the Guangzhou Haisan Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd, It’s the largest water park project in Southwest China. The whole park is composed of large tornadoes, new magic loop,  super wave pool, large water house, board surfing pool,  Whizzard slides and other large outdoor water park equipment and high-tech indoor play experience project.

Kuala Bay (Yulin) Water Park

Kuala Bay (Yulin) Water Park

Kuala Bay (Yulin) Water Park 3

Kuala Bay (Yulin) Water Park 4

More information on Guangzhou Haisan Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd-the No.1 in waterpark design, engineering, manufacturing, installation in China. Over 15 years later, we are the most trusted name in water park equipment industry in China, having developed over thousands projects in China and overseas, including 5 of the China’s top 10 water parks and many others in East European, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and so on.

CHINA Haisan is the top and most professional water park manufacturer in China which specializes in planning, design, manufacturing and installation of equipment, landscape gardening construction and operation (management) service for water entertainment project. In Conghua, Guangzhou, we have built a 60,000sqm manufacturing base with over 500 staffs, which covers fiberglass slide workshop, steel structure workshop and sculptures.

CHINA Haisan have one professional team with over 200 experts who specialize in theme park planning, engineering, landscaping, R&D for water park equipments, engineering construction. Some of them have over 20 years of industry experience. CHINA Haisan focus not only on beautiful design but also functionality and economic profitability.

CHINA Haisan is committed to providing the best-quality product and service by investing in continuous research and development. CHINA Haisan have specially established water park equipment research center which has got the strongest ability for design and research and more than 50 patents obtained. We are also a member of IAAPA and National Aquatic Entertainment Facility Standard Unit and 3 technical staffs from our company who set the GB/T18168-2008 standards (Specifications of water amusement equipment category). CHINA Haisan is the unique company in water park equipment filed, which is reported by CCTV - the most credibility media, as the brand enterprise of "Made In China".

For more information, contact at +0086-20-39218293 or info@gzhaisan.com. Please visit us at www.gzhaisan.com or www.hswaterslide.com for product information, news, events and other updates.
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