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Location selection

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1. large water amusement park

A large water park location requires a more independent passenger source, usually tends to choose center or nearby area to facilitate inclusive of absolute number of people required a predetermined tourist market. This is also the most tourists in China based on still rely mainly on public transportation and not like Europe and the United States are the residents in general car reasons, so the water park was selected in the more economically developed, the number of travel around the big city or convenient traffic facilities and public transportation system connecting area.

2.small water amusement park
Small water park passenger flow attraction is weak, need to use the park site area existing tourist resources and market visibility to bring tourists, so they are generally located in the vicinity of large theme park in the main market, or summer tourism and tourist attraction, or small, different themes of the theme park combined together to provide a variety of services tourists. It is difficult to attract enough tourists to live in a small theme park.
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