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Seven Things to do to Build a Water Park

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1. Water park site selection 
The site selection and scale of water park are firstly determined by the local access traffic, convenient conditions, consumption level and the management team, which cannot be easily imitated. The site had better choices in the convenient traffic condition. As for the size of the water park, according to the local traffic, consumption level, and its own management team to consider. 
In the northern cities, the peaks of consumption are mainly in June, July, and August. Concentrated in the three months for two reasons, because temperatures of this three months are much higher, water park project can not only provide for the consumer to play function, but also they can play a cooling effect, because the outdoor water park mainly for children, just during the summer vacation, the children have the time and parents are willing to come to accompany them.

2. Water park plan 
In the construction of water park, the water park equipment manufacturer should be asked to do the plan, and then the water park equipment will be properly configured. In the construction of water park, there must be a sufficient area for tourists to stop the rest of the sun, the area of commercial dining and the supporting area of landscaping. After two or three years of operation, the water park must have a new water park equipment to support its sustainable development. 

3. Water park equipment selection 
The configuration of water park equipment has also changed greatly in recent years, with less and less body contact, more and more combination of large composite movement and water slide. At the same time, the water park equipment configuration should consider the family consumption group more, the family amusement facilities that are more suitable for the old and the young, avoid the equipment collection, leave the sufficient secondary development space. A new breakthrough is expected, such as the ability to configure water rides that can be operated throughout the year, as well as equipment combined with marine animals or land equipment.

4. Water park design 
Water park design must guarantee completeness and accuracy. One of the biggest differences between water parks and other theme parks is that the systems that ensure the normal function of water rides are underground. Design must fully consider the entire campus network system, water supply and drainage system, each device of the mechanical and electrical control system of water supply, water treatment system, each room design, each fall, each device size, the coordination of each position should be clear. Avoid design and side construction; Side design, side modification, and don’t omit missing items. Reasonably configure the visitor moving line, set the corresponding shopping, catering, rest and public facilities.

5. Water park supporting facilities 
Many water park investors are keen to buy foreign equipment. We are willing to spend a lot of money on imported glass and steel slides. And to ensure the normal operation of the equipment facilities is not enough: support steel structure of glass fiber reinforced plastic slide choose has no experience, don't understand, digest and transformation equipment supplier drawings but low price factory production, there is no guarantee that glass fiber reinforce plastic slide good cohesion with steel structure; The electrical and mechanical products used in the water supply system are of poor quality and cannot provide stable and adequate water. The machine room is not ventilated, not polluted and not even waterproof and so on. There is not enough money to guarantee the normal use of imported equipment, and there is no need to pay a lot of money to buy imported fiberglass slides.

6.The safety of water park 
After the design document, type experiment, inspection, and acceptance, the water park equipment is used correctly according to the operation instructions, and there is very little chance of the accident. In the construction process, there is no attention to detail, it is the biggest reason for the frequent injuries of the water park tourists, the most common anti-skid and slippery injuries are the most accidents in water parks. Secondly, the scrapes, corners, and cracks are the hidden dangers of tourists' injuries. Therefore, the water park should be handled carefully and ensure the safety of tourists during the construction process. 

7. Abide the civil code 
The water park's pool, the hangar trench and the equipment foundation must comply with the requirements of the civil construction in the process of construction, and do not operate in violation of the regulations for the construction period. At present, water park is the most controversial question: what is the best material for making wave pool and sink pool? What is the most slippery material for water park road? The quality of the soil is not guaranteed, and the materials used are useless. The basic subsidence of the water park, the fracture of the pipeline and the falling of the surface of the pool are mainly due to the construction period, which must be respected for the construction of scientific and implementation standard.

8.Value water quality purification 
At present, the water quality of most of the water parks in China is gradually becoming cloudy and sometimes milky and pungent after the increasing number of tourists in the peak season. Some investors improve water quality, imported excellent filtering equipment from abroad, but the effect is not ideal. Water treatment is composed of circulation-purifying filtration - disinfection - monitoring and other systems, and no rational system design can guarantee water quality.

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