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Water quality cannot be ignored!

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It is well known that water quality management is very important as a water park. Whatever an aquatic amusement equipment, the demand for water quality and management is very strict, because water is the carrier of the water park, bad water quality management has a great influence on the water park. Let us tell you how to manage the water park and water quality.

First, to make sure that the water quality conforms to the standard, the water quality is not only to colorless, odorless, even do no harm to human body, avoid to stimulate skin allergy, even at the same time in a timely manner to eliminate the bacteria in the water.

Second, every day in accordance with the provisions of each facility sampling check regularly and announced the results of the inspection on the screen to let visitors understand the current water quality information in time in the park, to ensure the quality of water conforms to the standard.

Finally, water parks should develop a corresponding health management system to ensure public health to meets the standards.

Water quality cannot be ignored!
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