Opening Ceremony of Dandong Jintang Water World

On July 9, 2016, ZongYu corp., Jintang water world grand opening, ZongYu group chairman Hsu wenbin attended the opening ceremony. Jintang water world officially opened, will provides tourism, leisure and the spa as one of the big water park to Dandong people and the prople in the north. Water world opening day has attracted a large number of visitors to experience.

Dandong Jintang water world with Asia's most advanced water rides, always covers an area of 20 square kilometers, one of Asia's largest theme park in northeast. Guangzhou Haisan entertainment technology co., LTD. offers its water park design and water park equipment manufacturing installation services. Item set outdoor water park (with six large international water sports), tropical rainforest spa, large spa, outdoor hot spring snow and ice, the international standard swimming pool, rv camp, lawn wedding, outdoor barbecue, performing arts plaza, large area of the comprehensive recreational area is equal to one.USES the international most advanced facilities and at first rafting river connection between indoor and outdoor water use a line.ZongYu group of Xinyuan heating when the temperature is insufficient to carry out outdoor activities, outdoor heating water temperature to the water park open standards, make outdoor water activity to 180 days, the move for the domestic only at present. Jintang water world will produce entertainment, leisure, food, shopping for the integration of tourism, make each tourists really enjoy "one-stop" experience of traveling, sightseeing, leisure, shopping, vacation.


one of Asia's largest theme park in northeast

water park design and water park equipment manufacturing installation services

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