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Sanya Dream Water Park

Sanya Dream Water Park

Water Park grand opening in February 2015
Sanya Dream Water Park is the world's largest island mountain water park, is the first true sense of the water park in Hainan. And it is 365 days of operation throughout the year! Water Park draws on the concept of Disney, as well as the design of the long water park, and ultimately completed the Sanya Dream Water Park project. Amusement equipment are provided from all well-known foreign equipment manufacturers, more than half of the facilities are the world's top products. Dream Water Park is the most advanced water recreation facilities in the country, the most beautiful environment, supporting the most complete and most attractive water world complex project.
Water Park grand opening in February 2015

1. Tsunami wave pool
The area of more than 8,000 square meters, the water depth of 1.5m, the use of the world's most advanced wave-making equipment and technology, wave height of up to 3m, visitors exposure, allowing the subsequent wave slap, push, visitors can feel the vitality of the sea and Charm, a taste of the beach as cool and comfortable.

Tsunami wave pool

2. Big horn
One of the most popular large-scale water amusement equipment, tourists sitting in a specially designed four-leaf-type floating ring inside the taxi, sliding from 16m high-altitude taxi to the diameter of about 21m huge horn cone inside, like a tornado.

Big horn

3. Rapid slide
Phoenix Shenmu with the height of 28m, slope up to 70 °, is currently the world's most advanced and highly rapid one of the chute, with the some height of Spanish Siam Park famous chute "Energy Tower" . Like the rapid fall speed, let you shout in the release of unlimited passion, enjoy the limits of vertical weightlessness pleasure.

Rapid slide

4. Roundabout
From 18.5m high platform spiral curve of rapid decline, and then speed into the sky, swing into the pool in the big skateboard , so that the shock of the big rotation, every time bring you soul-stirring stimulation experience. It is a kind of spiral slide.


5. Water dragon (water roller coaster)
The longest water slide facility in Asia - Water Dragon, "Rapid Under-counter" forward over 280m, with all-slide safety net and 5 protection points; high and steep chute, ride on 2-person raft Fast shuttle in the slide, you can enjoy the heartbeat, excitement, splashing feeling!

Water dragon (water roller coaster)

6.Spiral slide
The particular design of the rapids closed chute, starting from the 15m high platform on the slope, respectively, through the 120m space shuttle chute, bringing visitors thrilling experience and fun, so that make those who experience crazy, wait and see boiling.

Spiral slide

7.Competition slide
 For 8 passengers rely on the slide at the same time from 15m high platform began to glide, all passengers enter the open straight part of the race to the end of the gallop, the process is really thrilling.

Competition slide

8. Dream water house - children zone
The water surface covers an area of about 1600 square meters, the pool has pressure water board, hand wheel, playing water pool, water curtain tunnel, water slide, spiral slide, water wave straight pool, big dump, hand gun and so on.

Dream water house - children zone

9. Rafting river
With the length 1350m, it is currently the longest artificial rafting river. Tourists lying on a specially designed floating ring along the river drift, tourists can relax themselves. it is the best place for family, friends to enjoy leisure time.

Rafting river

10. Canyon rafting
Tourists sitting in a special six-person raft along the slide from the hillside wrapped in waves rushed down the middle after three times fell into the slide and the valley, enjoying the the ups and downs in the challenge of flash floods surging feelings in the spray In the shuttle stimulation.

Canyon rafting

11. Sea dream factory - parenting area
Water surface covers an area of about 2000 square meters, the water depth of 750px, the pool has a cartoon slide, children spiral slide, swimming lane slide, water curtain tunnel, swirly slide, water wave straight pool, satisfy the odd interest and the pursuit of stimulation needs for children. 

Sea dream factory - parenting area

12. Family waves pool
Area of more than 8000 square meters, wind pressure wave, wave height between 0.6-0.8m, depth of 1.5m. So that people experience the ups and downs of the waves in the blue sky and white clouds, as if in the vast sea with the waves ups. There are other food and beverage projects in the park opening points: Dream spacebowl shop, happy shops, Fung Mo Le City Swimwear Sales Office, swimming pool rental point, big shark burgers, happy lemon.
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