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Shanxi Huayao Water Park Grand Opening in May 1st

Shanxi Huayao Water Park Grand Opening in May 1st

Shanxi Linfen Huayao Water Park is invested by Shanxi Huayao Group and Hansan Entertainment Technology provided large-scale water park for project planning and design, equipment installation and installation. Park covers an area of 60,000 square meters, opened in July 2011. It is the largest water park in North China. Huayao Water Park is divided into large-scale dynamic recreation area and eco-leisure area of the two major functional areas, mainly follow Hawaii-style tune, highlight the fashion, stimulating, healthy recreational water culture. The main aquatic amusement park has a whirlwind slide (large speakers), swirly slide (giant beast bowl), spiral slide, tsunami waves, large interactive water house.
In 2015, Shanxi Linfen Huayao Water Park grandly opened in May 1st, welcome the new and old customers to play fun!

1. Children water pool
Children water pool water has the depth of 30 cm or so, mainly for children to play and cultivate the sense of Hydrophilic, so the plane shape is generally irregular geometric shapes. There are water mushrooms, water guns and other cartoon play water equipment.


2. Small speakers
Suitable for children and adults for the parent-child interaction projects. Parents and children sitting double skin raft down the water flow down, for the child is a breakthrough and exercise, let the children enjoy the water in the fun.


3. Suitable loudspeaker
From the starting point of the platform began to glide, fly generally spin into a huge horn-shaped slide, as was tornado sucked into the general, giving a feeling of weightlessness, rapid glide in the physical like the wind taxiing. Especially for those who like to experience exciting and new. And it reach the trumpet when the internal rise.


4. Roundabout
It is a kind of swirly slide. From high altitude, high-speed through tens of meters of the spiral slide, the rapid decline of nearly ten meters and subduction to the lowest point, then vertically rushed to the top of a large landslide in the frightened emotion and challenge the limit of gravity, dive down again and return to the pool securely, which thoroughly experience the thrill of the roundabout brings the joy of family. water park is one of the most popular facilities.


5. Interactive Water House
Interactive water house has been carefully combined to meet the tourists swimming adventure, pleasure experience. It is a integrated water recreation facilities including set all kinds of water toys, water tipping bucket, water slide equipment, the theme of landscape.


6. Three combination slide
The most classic recreational facilities in water park, almost every water park has a combination of spiral slide.


7. Rafting river
Surrounded by a 1,800-meter rafting river around water parks, visitors can relax on a specially designed floating ring floating along the river.


8. Tsunami pool and wave pool
Using the most advanced wave-making equipment and technology, waves can up to 3 meters, realistic reproduction of the "tsunami" brought about by the surging, as if the body is in the sea, feeling the impact of the sea, swallowing the consternation and excitement.


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