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Structure Analysis of Water Slide Equipment

Structure Analysis of Water Slide Equipment

Water slide equipment can be broadly divided into two categories, one is the water park equipment with tens of meters rise and hundreds of meters long slide large water slide; the other one is the kind of kindergarten used one with water playing function Water slide.


The former water slide equipment is for visitors to slide, the security, stability of the structure is very important. Water slide equipment is a large water park equipment in the water amusement facilities, belonging to the category of special equipment, grade B. Each set of equipment should go through the the inspection and testing of China Special Equipment Inspection Institute, and can be used after being issued the certificate. Most of the water slide equipment was installed in the outdoor, the natural environment has of great impact on the slide structure. Therefore, in the design stage of the water slide, the strength, stiffness, fatigue strength, stability, anti-overturning and anti-skid property of the structure must be calculation and analyzed, the safety factor of the corresponding specification should be prepared, and a formal calculation manual written. China's Special Equipment Inspection Institute issued the appropriate qualification of the engineers audit, then the identification report can be put into operation. The first set of equipment must be from the China Special Equipment Inspection Institute professional, with the appropriate qualification of engineers on-site inspection, issue type test report before use and mass production.

For the calculation and analysis of water slide equipment structure in the water park equipment, the permanent load, the live load, the wind load, the snow load, the seismic load and the impact load must be taken into account. Live load in the water slide equipment is generally the weight of the topic; live load only take their own load and water load; wind load is divided into working state load and non-working state load, recreational facilities design by the maximum operating wind speed 15m/s calculated the wind load and the non-working state is calculated according to the maximum wind load in 50 years. The snow load is calculated according to the maximum wind load in 50 years. When the seismic load is calculated, equivalent design on the base of eight degree, amount to the acceleration 0.2g calculation; calculation of impact load, the amusement facilities in the course of the movement may have an impact, it can not be accurately calculated when it is designing. Therefore, on the calculation of the strength, the permanent load and live load must be multiplied by the impact factor, according to its maximum speed of the water slide equipment, select the impact coefficient corresponding to the impact factor.

The water slide structure of water park equipment, including glass fiber reinforced plastic slide, steel structure, concrete foundation three parts. In view of the particularity, the importance and the complexity of the structure of the water slide, the finite element method is introduced into the analysis of the structure of the water slide, and the finite element method is applied to the various complex mechanisms in the water slide equipment, and has become an effective analytic method. After the introduction, it completely changed the traditional analysis method, the force analysis is more accurate, more comprehensive, more conducive for water slide structure check and design optimization.
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