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The development trend of water park equipment

The development trend of water park equipment

With the development of science and technology and the change of consumer groups, the water park industry will change. Water park equipments are as the hardware guarantee for the operation of water park, the development of new products or the upgrade of existing products will become an inevitable development trend. In the future, Water park equipments will be upgraded in terms of type, sports mode, theme, technology experience, audio-visual experience and other aspects to provide visitors with more extreme experience.

1. Safeguard

The current water park not only in pursuit of "the faster, more stimulating" as the priority, due to the water park positioning changes significantly in recent years, at the beginning from youth, youth as their target customers to now that we have diversification of the target customers, family parent-child customer group increased dramatically, park also considered overweight "safeguard" as a market. This requires the water park equipment must have more fun, leisure, interactive, group of light water slide and water equipment.

2. The upgrading of diversified sports

Requirements of experience makes the single slide no longer meet the needs of tourists. At the present stage, tourists are more inclined to choose rafts and other travel carriers, and choose the combination of different types of slides with more patterns, which can bring more exciting experience to tourists.

3. Thematic nature of the device

The customers want waterslides to be "storytellers". One successful example of this is the cobra slide.

4. High-tech, multi-functional

In the face of the market environment with high market segmentation, multi-functional industrial combination and the impact of the wave of intellectualization, water park equipment should also cater to the current situation. For example, water park equipments should be combined with VR equipment to bring visitors a wonderful immersive experience. Water amusement equipment is combined with smart wearable devices. Through the smart wearable devices worn by tourists, the sports characteristics of tourists are combined with the wave making intensity of mobile wave making pool. Water park equipment manufacturers should broaden their minds, keep up with the trend of The Times, and combine many comprehensive scientific and technological means to design and develop the most cutting-edge products in the market.

5. More powerful interactive experience and intelligence

They have automated systems, such as water slide traffic management and signalling systems, sensing systems, timing systems, control switches, special effects and a combination of media elements, including audiovisual effects and augmented reality.
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