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The method for Water park season marketing promotion from HAISAN water slide company

The method for Water park season marketing promotion from HAISAN water slide company

Whether it is for the water park operators or the owners, the peak season of the water park from HAISAN water slide company is like the harvest of the rice harvest season. The peak season is limited and one day is not wasted. Now, the peak season of the water park has been unveiled. Summer, hot, stylish, cool, fun, colorful water parks, is a good place for people to cool down. In order to seize the peak season market, the marketing promotion of the water park is even more urgent.

How can the water park's peak season marketing and promotion attract more tourists? I believe this is a problem that all water park owners and operation management teams are very concerned about. Here, we share some experiences that have been researched for many years, so as to attract more and more.

1. Target your water park target market and customers
The purpose of marketing and promotion of the water park in the peak season is very clear, that is to attract customers. Therefore, marketing promotion can not spread the net aimlessly, but should concentrate on the implementation of "blasting" marketing promotion, in order to achieve the detonation market in your target market, bringing a crowd of passengers. Therefore, the marketing season must be aimed at the customer base of your water park.
The first is to lock the target source market. Marketing promotion is like a marching war, and the goal is clear. The target source market of the general regional water park is a town within a 2-hour drive radius of the project. This is related to the product characteristics of the water park. A single water park is a regional tourism product with an important feature of near travel distance, high revisiting rate, family or small group travel. The regional radiation range of the regional water park is generally within a two-hour drive range. Beyond this distance range, its market radiation power is significantly reduced. Therefore, before marketing, take out the map and connect the roads, railways, rail transit and other transportation lines to mark the core target source of your water park project.
Secondly, it is necessary to lock the core customer groups in the target source market that match your water park's customer base: age, spending power, travel habits, travel styles, and transportation. Through detailed core customer analysis, you can accurately portray A portrait of the core customer base, and a clear understanding of the time and space that may occur in their daily activities, the level of consumption that may be accepted, the drivers of travel, and so on. This is the first step in marketing. Through this session, you can be clear about the following questions: Where are your potential customers in the water park? Who are they? How much are they willing to spend for a water park? What are their psychological expectations for the water park?

2. Know yourself and know how to do marketing planning
Doing a good job in marketing planning needs to know ourselves and ourselves. The so-called confidant knows each other and can win every battle.
A confidant is to understand: What are the characteristics of your water park? What is the theme style? What are the product advantages? What is the main play product? Brand Positioning? Core resource advantages and more.
Knowing that, you are a competitor to understand your project. In the target source market you have defined, what are the similar water park products? Which projects are the most powerful competitors in your water park? What are their outstanding advantages or characteristics? What is their market price strategy? ......
In the case of knowing ourselves and knowing each other, we will formulate a marketing promotion strategy, combine the target source market and core customer group needs, as well as the project's own theme style and various advantages, and the main play products, and put forward their own strength and differentiation. Marketing strategy, advertising performance (advertising word combination, advertising screen design), etc., launched a reasonable park pricing strategy. This step is the cornerstone of the marketing and promotion of water parks. Generally, it needs to be considered in advance when planning investment projects. However, when it is time to move, marketing promotion needs to be revised and refined according to the actual situation.
In addition, the marketing and promotion planning of the water park peak season, the most important thing is the activity marketing promotion. Inactive marketing will be meager and unattractive, so it is best to do a good job planning for the entire operating season, combining some special festivals and different time periods of the operating season before the start of the operating season. The continual launch of a variety of activities can continually stimulate the market, activate potential customers, and achieve the goal of marketing.

3. Use the marketing media channel to do more with less.
There are many media channels that can be contacted by marketing promotion: TV, newspaper, radio, internet, outdoor advertising are the core, and then there are more sub-divided N, so there are so many dazzling media promotion channels that those are most effective. What? In fact, the choice of media promotion channels also requires great wisdom. With the media promotion channels, you can get twice the result with half the effort. If you use the wrong ones, you will not only have no effect but more waste of promotion funds. For regional water park projects, do the following:
(1) Use local mainstream media to do news dissemination. The local mainstream newspapers, TV stations, radio, news portals, etc., mainly do news dissemination. That is to say, through the press conference at the opening of the park, the mainstream media reporter reception day activities, etc., through the local mainstream media, the park-related information will be disseminated by means of news broadcast.
(2) Do a good job in the marketing and promotion of outdoor advertising in the target source market. The bus stations, railway stations, bus bodies, taxis, road signs, street parade teams, LEDs and road signs of major large-scale commercial shopping centers in the target source market are directly linked to the daily life of the target customer groups, so it is necessary to do a good job. Marketing promotion points, let information penetrate customer life and become a part of customer life.
(3) Do a good job in marketing and promotion of new media. The Internet has become a part of people's lives. Online media and mobile media have become an important channel for people to know about information. As a water park, young people are an important target group, and it can even be said that "the network has the world."
In addition, the new media has become a major force in the water park marketing. New media such as WeChat and Weibo have become the most important marketing channels for water parks because of their low input cost, good interaction and clear target groups. Especially for many small and medium-sized water parks, due to the limited marketing and promotion expenses, the use of new media marketing and promotion not only greatly reduces the marketing and promotion costs, but also can receive small investment and large output if the new media marketing promotion can be skillfully planned. Excellent results.

4. Do a good job in quality service in the park and win word of mouth
Do a good job in the park to provide quality services to tourists. This is as essential as the three points mentioned above, and even more important. Marketing promotion is not the end of attracting customers to the park, but a new beginning.
Visitors come to the park, and the quality of service in the park is the most important marketing promotion. The details of various services in the park advertisement and campus service process can be part of the marketing promotion. Visitors will form word-of-mouth communication through personal experience, especially in the era of media, everyone is a spokesperson. Through WeChat and Weibo, visitors share what they have seen, heard and heard in the circle of friends in the circle of friends. One pass, ten, ten, one hundred thousand, one thousand... This kind of marketing promotion Based on the relationship between people is more infectious, the same piece of information, through advertising and communication through friends, the impact on a person is completely different, which is why it is also important to do a good job in the park visitors service The reason for the promotion.

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