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Water Park Design

Water Park Design

Four main points for water park design:

1. Be careful when choosing the location and scale.

A water park should locate at where the transportation is convenient. Larger scale does not equal to better outcomes. Its size should be determined according to the local passenger volume, consumption level and its own management team. Don't imitate others and invest blindly.

2. Diversified equipment.

In recent years, most water parks tend to have the large combined equipment, and most of the consumers are family groups. Therefore, taking family consumption groups into consideration, the operators should configure the equipment suitable for both the old and the young.

3.Pay attention to supporting facilities

Many investors are keen to buy foreign equipment, for example, they are willing to spend lots of money in purchasing imported glass fiber reinforced plastics slides. But they ignore the importance of supporting facilities. When choosing steels to support the slide, they turn to cheap and inexperienced water park equipment manufacturers. As a result, the facilities are unable to guarantee the good cohesion between glass slide and steel structure. Water park equipment produced by Haisan has high quality, mature technology while the price is moderate.

4. During the process of construction, attached great importance to details to avoid accidents.

For water park equipment, it is nearly impossible to cause accidents if they are identified by design files, test and inspection and are used in a correct way in accordance with the operating instructions. Not paying attention to the details in the construction process is the biggest reason explaining why tourists get injured. The most frequently happening accidents are caused by ineffective anti-skid measures. Therefore, in the construction process, the details must be carefully handled in order to ensure the safety of tourists.

Haisan, as a professional water park facility manufacturer, has many years of experience. It can build unique water worlds according to customers' needs with factors considered.

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