Appraisal and Market Analysis of Water Park

Before starting invest one water park,here is some tips for your reference:
Appraisal of an indoor waterpark resort is similar to other appraisals in that it is a professional appraiser’s opinion of value. It is typically required by a lender before financing can be obtained for a new project. The scope of the project, including plans and development budgets, should be well defined prior to the start of the appraisal. When a project is ready for an appraisal, developers and lenders often seek out appraisers with industry-recognized qualifications which go beyond state minimum requirements.
A thorough market analysis of the local hospitality and indoor waterpark resort market is an essential component of an indoor waterpark resort appraisal. The value conclusion will depend heavily upon the data gathered for this section. Therefore, market analysis is the first and biggest step when appraising an indoor waterpark resort. Market research encompasses a large range of data, but the following section identifies key areas an appraiser should consider when conducting market research for an appraisal.
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