Differences between Recreational Water Slides and Ordinary One

Water slide can be divided into two categories, one is a large water side which has even tens to hundreds of meters. The other one is the common water slides which increase the swimming water slides we can see in the kind garden. 

In addition to amusement functions, water slide add a lot of water functions like a water wheel, dripping leaves, fountains, water curtain, water cannon gun, buckets and so on. Due to add water functions, water slide has attract the many children’s attention. The design, manufacture and installation in the water slide has Increased the number of times different than ordinary slide.

In term of Corrosion-resistant of ordinary metal column, metal platform slides and other metal parts, we only have to consider the general level of weather resistance, salt spray resistance, rust and corrosion design. However, the water environment of water slides often contain disinfectant, water and disinfectant, it has high strength corrosion to the appearance of the coating of metal parts and slides metal parts. So it is important to consider the high level of weather resistance, salt spray, salt water, rust and corrosion. So waterslide corrosion of metal parts in the design of a high level. Corrosion resistant design is much lower than the ordinary car slides, water slides corrosion design is several times higher than the car.

In manufacturing, water slides adds a lot of playing in the water features, like a water wheel, dripping leaves, fountains, water curtain, water cannon gun, buckets and so on. The number of manufacturing difficulties has increased. In the installation, it is more complicated. Waterway slides, built in the pool slide, does not require end to end. Construction methods: first entrance was built much higher, and then all the way down to the last slide must leave a certain height with the ground, and then build around it on the pool bottom. Then build the staircase at the entrance, as long as connected to the side of the pool on the line.

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