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How do Investors Understand the Planning Drawings of the Water Park

How do Investors Understand the Planning Drawings of the Water Park

Many investors are paying more and more attention to planning a water park, and they are not thinking as much as they used to. Good planning to yield twice the result with half the effort, and the average investors will look for several companies to do the planning. In the same area, each plan is very different. How to judge which plan is the most reasonable and optimal?

water park layout

1. Check whether the topographic mapping is accurate: nowadays, many investors have not been measured in the regular field, so the general professional company will go to the scene for a field mapping, the size error of the topographic map of the generally experienced professional companies will not exceed 3%. But some inexperienced personnel have a great difference in the result of surveying and mapping, especially some specially irregular plots.

2. Whether the design is pertinent and focus. The designer of a professional company generally does not focus on selling equipment. They are mainly focused on the target customer group of the block, so that the water park will be more realized. Some companies may consider only a lot of equipment to set up a lot of expensive products.

3 Whether the space layout is reasonable, if each equipment is placed in the most reasonable place, pay special attention to the specifications, size and height of each equipment. Generally, the high and large sides are the main ones. The large functional pool and the larger flow pool should be in the middle. It is best not to have too high or too large equipment to block the line of sight, and whether the shading area is large enough.

4. Whether the design is humanized, whether the details are considered in detail, whether the design is humanized, whether toilets, changing clothes, shopping, shading, and rest area are fully considered. It is convenient for visitors to get in and out, whether the parking lot is enough, and a lot of details should be reflected on the drawings.

5. Check whether the water park design is special and characterized, the planning map should be based on the customer's objective humanistic situation, on the package, we should add some local and theme style to the customer. The water park will let people have a sense of fun, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.

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