Water Park Equipment Manufacturer Qualification and Onsite Inspection

The manufacturing certificate and ability is the main point when water park invest man visit the manufacturer. The business license, company office, workshop and the production facilities are the importance when invest man investigate the water park manufacturer.

Business license is the basic certificate of the water park manufacturer, which indicates that the water park manufacturer is the legal company and its business scale. People can get the direct feeling when they make a field study on the water park manufacturer. Generally speaking, the water park manufacturers can be divided into 4 types: one type is the manufacturer with its own water park and it can provide the operation plan, we call them “production and operation professional manufacturer”; the second type is the one who can’t provide the operation plan, we call them “production professional manufacturer”; the third type is the one who don’t produce but purchase equipment from other factory and provide the operation plan, we call them “packaging and marketing company”; and the forth type is the agency. We suggest that invest men choose a professional water park manufacturer who has with its own factory and water park and can provide the planning and design, construction and operation advice. The comprehensive manufacturer is the strongest guarantee of the water park investment!


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