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Top 10 Water Park in China

Top 10 Water Park in China

Haisan is the leader in water park design, engineering and manufacturing in China. Over 15 years later, we are the most trusted name in water park equipment in China, having developed over thousands projects, including 5 of the China’s top 10 waterparks:

1. China Kunshan“Water Dream” Water  Park
With total area over 250,000 sqm and total investment over 2.2 billion RMB (350 million USD ), sports, entertainment, culture, leisure, dining and holiday functions in an integrated tourism projects. It has a 28 meters high Speed Slides, Constrictor Slide, Race Slides, and many other advanced water park equipment.

2. China  Xuzhou  Caribbean Water world
Haisan is proud to be the sole supplier of all attractions to debut in what will be middleChina’s largest water park: Caribbean Water World. With mystery of Caribbean, it gathered the world’s top water park equipments (Caribbean style Tornado slides, Barbosa style tower slide, wave pool, fantasy  lazy river )

3. China Hangzhou  Langlanglang water park
With large kid's water house, Wave pool,Boardsurfing pool, super tornado slide, Tantrum slide, Water village and other popular water park equipments.

Hangzhou Langlanglang water park

4. China SuzhouParadise Water Park
With oriental bath culture as the theme of the water park and rich essence of leisure keeping in good health and fitness products as the leading factor, it bring tourists sports, leisure, entertainment, fitness, health care and other diverse recreation experience, introduced many new water park equipment in the park.

SuzhouParadise Water Park

5. China Ningbo Dongqian Water Park
The largest and highest level water park in eastern China region.The new water park equipment here can make all the people here feel extremely happy.

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