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Water Park Equipment Introduction & Industrial Standard

Water Park Equipment Introduction & Industrial Standard

Water Park Equipment  Introduction
Water Park is an important family entertainment. In summer, people love to go to the water park.

The water park equipment combination slide is one of the most famous and most loved by children! Water slide style is also various and can be customized according to needs and the site. The collocation of color can also be re-collocated according to their own choice, roof, slide, hoardings and other parts can be freely collocated.

Water park facilities generally are only in the water theme park, we usually need to go up to the operating table of ten to twenty meters, and then glide down relying on our own force. Common water recreation facilities are the combination slide, wave pool equipment, children's water house, swimming pool equipment etc.    

Water park, from the understanding of life and life of human, life lies in the movement, movement brings the fun of life, if the hot springs are about "quiet awareness", then the water park is the pursuit of "dynamic".

Water Park Equipment  Industrial Standard

As we all know, in recent years, the water park industry was on "blowout" development, most of the cities have their own representative water park which the people are talking about and love it. It is a good development momentum.

Here, Haisan Company informs investors that when you buy water park equipment, you should choose manufacturer with production qualification. In China, there are two main water park equipment national standards: GB/T 18168-2008 "water recreation facilities and general technical conditions" and GB8408-2008 "recreational facilities safety norms". The state law clearly stipulates that the water slides more than 2 meters high and wave pool equipment belong to special equipment, the enterprise must have "special equipment production license" and "special equipment installation, renovation and repair permit", and then the enterprise can produce, install, renovate and repair water slides and wave pool equipment. 
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