The Preparatory Work Before the Water Park Opened

Before you are ready to open park, work must be done. 
1.Do personnel training and investigate equipment safety risks 
Whether the operation of a water park is able to retain visitors and develop for a long time, the very important point is the satisfaction from tourists. Therefore, all employees should have unified training and hold the correct work attitude before the park opened. And all the equipment should be carefully investigated, investigate all security risks, this is not shirking responsibility for all operators. 

2.Park should be unique and innovative 
In recent years, the water park project opened everywhere, park should be unique and innovative to attract more visitors. After investigation, we believe that the most effective measures are two aspects:
(1) introduce new type of water park equipment (unique slide);
(2) spend more effort in the business model, similar products and services will let visitors visual fatigue and physical fatigue and lose interest in new things.
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