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New Elements in the Water Park

New Elements in the Water Park

We need a new theme park rides to supply faster, higher, more spectacular and breathtaking elements, but the attractions of the combination of virtual reality and video game, dinosaurs and robot theme has become a new trend of the market.

Virtual reality is a new generation of visitors to the excitement generated by the project. Using the VR headset, the use of computer simulation to generate a virtual world in three dimensions. It will provide relevant simulation and let users like personally on the scene in general.

Dinosaurs have always been a consumer attraction as the successful Jurassic Park movies are popular. In fact, Universal Studios in Japan opened Jurassic Park in 2016. Jurassic Park may be the intellectual property of Universal Studios, but the dinosaur itself is part of the public sphere. And Wanda plans to build a new dinosaur park in Australia.

Robots represent another technology. Introduced in 2016 by theme parks. Japan is the Hui nationality, the robot can cook, the general waiting and greeting, etc. The robot in South Korea's land is another new robot entering the year of 2016. Huis Ten Bosch robots are introduced in Japan for cooking, table service and so on. Robot Land is another new robot introduced in South Korea.

With these new elements injected into a water park, visitors will get new feelings.

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