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Haisen Has Won the "Best Chinese Hot Spring Tourism Project" Award

Haisen Has Won the "Best Chinese Hot Spring Tourism Project" Award

The Royal Water Spa Planning and Designed by Haisen Has won the "Best Chinese Hot Spring Tourism Project" Award.

The fourth session of the Chinese tourism investment AITIA awards ceremony held a grand in Beijing on January 23, 2015. AITIA award is one of the most authoritative awards in Chinese investment in tourism industry, which known as the Oscar in Chinese tourism investment. The Royal Water Spa Plan and Designed by Haisen has stand out from the hundreds of domestic spring project, won the "Best Chinese Hot Spring Tourism Project" award in this selection.

Industry authority in east China, the only award-winning Spa 

Chinese tourism investment AITIA award is in recognition of outstanding enterprises and projects who made a great contribution to the development of tourism and set the industry benchmark and wizard.

According to the secretary general, the International Association of tourism investment director Wang Qi introduction, AITIA award has three characteristics: one is It is belong to the tourism investment award, the industry's only; Two is the lineup of judges is huge, selected carefully, awards results authority; Three is the selection of covering the mainland include Hong Kong and Macao taiwan.

“AITIA ”award has invited 30 experts in the tourism sector and elite as the judges. The final 20 international tourism investment gold medal among 410 candidates nominated in the country is selected by two rounds of voting. Tianmu lake royal spa planning and designed by Haisen showing itself, become the only selected hot spring scenic spot in china and there is only two hot springs was rated so far.

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