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Keyword: Water sports equipment for sale
Material: fiberglass
Width: 15m or 19m
Capacity: 2 or 4 person/raft
Slide type: raft slide
Tower height: 12.5m – 18.5m
Floor space: 900㎡- 2200㎡
Capacity per hour: 200 or 400 riders/h
Production method: spray up

    About Us
    Haisan is a water park equipment manufacturer located in Guangdong province in China with its own brand Haisen. At Haisan, there are a big range of slides, rides and pools equipment for water parks, theme parks and amusement parks. The main material being used for those water park equipment are fiberglass with techniques of hand spray up and powder coating, which meets SGS stands under ISO9001:2008 management. 

    Haisan owns 200 more talents in design and engineering of water amusement park, Aqua Park and theme park with its 60,000 sqm manufacturing base of separate fiberglass production and steel frame production. It integrates with project plan and design, equipment production, installation and construction, and operation management. 

    Haisen Brand Water Sports Equipment Bowl Slide For Sale
    This most popular Haisen bowl slide is the most exciting, thrilling and attractive water slide sports equipment in water amusement parks. It allows two or four riders drop into a big round bowl with fast speed and then circle the outer area of the bowl before exiting down through the terminal flume. Definitely tourists, especially the young will experience an unforgettable slide with screaming along the whole course and of course you will attract more and more visitors in your water parks. 

    Super bowl slide is a very popular slide in water parks. Riders take on a raft and grasp handles on both sides, and then slide down along the way with its own gravity under water lubrication. After a period of spiral section, steep fall and buffer section, riders will enter the “super bowl” by the spiral tangent as if they are sucked into the vortex. Rafts will slide around the bowl under water lubrication, like flowing in the vortex and gradually enter the center of vortex. It means that riders taking a raft will come down from bottom of the bowl and go into buffer section, and then slow down on the splash pool, completing a thrilling journey. 

    Taking about water sports equipment, most people think of canoeing and kayaking equipment, driving equipment, Sailing equipment‎, Surfing equipment, Swimming equipment‎, boat equipment and some other related equipment. 

    Here, as a leading manufacturer with water park equipment for sale, we talk about water sports equipment because some of our equipment is exactly related. In an amusement park or water park, you may see different types of water slides such as the above introduced bowl slide. Not only water park equipment brings you entertainment and fun, it also brings about lots of exercises work, as well as some competitive activities. 

    Don’t hesitate to check more details of water sports equipment with us. Haisan is here for your service. 

    Features of Water Sports Equipment Bowl Slide shown in pictures:
    1) Bowl diameter: 15m
    Capacity: 2 or 4 person per lane
    Platform height: 12.5 m
    Floor space: 26 meter * 40 meter
    Mat: No
    Tube: No
    Raft: Yes

    2) Bowl diameter: 19m
    Capacity: 4 person per raft per lane
    Platform height: 18 m
    Floor space: 26 meter * 70 meter
    Mat: No
    Tube: No
    Raft: Yes

    3) Allow two or four people at one time, strong interactivity 
    4) Doughty appearance, looks more like an attractive landscape sightseeing 
    5) Makes the tourists feel like being sucked into the tube and pool 
    6) Top quality material ensures safe and stable operation in a long run 

    Haisan Services:
    1. We will provide best quality products and enthusiastic service for you. 
    2. Our factory is a direct manufacturer in China, thus we ensure to offer you with the most competitive price. 
    3. Provide professional suggestions for equipment selection. 
    4. Provide design services for your project according to the local land information and requests. 
    5. Guide your staff to operate the equipment and to manage the water park. 
    6. Arrange engineers to your site to supervise your workers to install the equipment. 
    7. One Year Warranty of all products. 

    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details: Water sport equipment packed with the wooden crate
    Delivery Detail: According to the contract

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