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Suzhou Paradise Water World

Suzhou Paradise Water World

Suzhou Paradise Aquatic World has been on operation for 12 years from July 1995, and it make new transformation in September 2006.


Since 2002, Haisan Entertainment Technology and the Suzhou New District Economic Development Corporation in Suzhou Park have been in the long-term uninterrupted good cooperation through every year’s new and renovation project. In 2007, Haisan Entertainment Technology has overall responsibility for Suzhou paradise water world transformation program design work and landscape design work. Besides the addition of the most innovative big horn and other water park equipment, the company also introduced the concepts of spa, SPA, leisure and health care, and added leisure and health care to the park. Sports and other product included.

During the transformation and upgrading, Haisan Entertainment Technology demolished the old water amusement equipment, and introduced more safe, reliable and highly participatory new projects, such as large drifting river, whirlwind slide, octopus slide and other new water recreational facilities. In addition to the upgrading of hardware facilities, the new water park also increased the software to improve the intensity of the internal environment of the new design, creating a rich atmosphere of Southeast Asian style, while enhancing the shade effect of the rest area and provide warm water in the cool weather and other measures to make tourists satisfied.
In July 2008, a trendy design style, functional facilities, a variety of Suzhou Paradise water world grand opening. After renovation, the Suzhou Paradise Aquatic World then operated and received 600,000 tourists in more than forty days, the highest peak day reception is 33,000 passengers, setting a new record in domestic water recreation industry, became the hot tourist spots in the simmer of East China.
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