The Upfront Planning of Water Park Should be Multi-faceted and Omnidirectional


The Water Park is a highly market-oriented tourist site. In July, August and September, this golden one hundred days of Water Park , visitors entering into the park accounted for 80% of the total annual amount. When investors makes the upfront planning, they should establish an elite team with  management experience of parking industry, and study and summarize the  relevant successful cases at home and abroad. They also can conduct an index investigation from the status quo of the base, the local tourist population market, competitors, tourist attraction index of the equipment, theme culture construction system, marketing system, capital recovery period and so on, seek truth from facts, shoot the arrow at the target and form a set of independent project evaluation and analysis system. Do have ready plans to meet a situation, at the same time, there is already evidence of post planning and parking management.

water park

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