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Super Tornado


Name: Super Tornado
Brand Name: Haisan
Material: fiberglass
Width: 3m
Height: 21m
Capacity: 4-6/person
Production method: spray up
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    Super tornado of guangzhou Haisan entertainment technology co., LTD. is a rich aquatic amusement varieties at home and abroad, to bring tourists experience and research and development of the world's first new product of perfect combination of sound, light, electricity, not only in appearance let you shine at the moment, place oneself among them, as if place oneself in a more exciting concerts. Music, lighting, bead curtain, water curtain, everything is perfect to let you feel is not true.

    Slide 21.0 m high, rides in the cross section of 3.0 m wide on the slideway of taxi, on the inner wall of the horn, up and down reciprocating swings, along with the height of swings gradually reduce, then slowly into the pool to stop.The whole process exciting, blissfully unaware.

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