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Tianjin Joyful Sea Magic Slide Area

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July 18, 2013, Tianjin Joyful Sea magic square water park opened and accepted passengers. The public area like breathtaking slide area, passion surfing area, beach recreation area, magic drift area, happy time zone, SPA spa are bring a unique play water experience for citizen.


Tianjin Joyful Sea Cube Water Theme Park is jointly designed by DPI and Haisan Entertainment Technology, which is composed of six zones including breathtaking slide area, passion surfing area, beach recreation area, magical drifting area, happy time zone and spa area. And it can accommodate 30000 people at the same time.

Sea cube water park is like a paradise, a fairy-tale world, thrilling slides, surging waves, tranquil and comfortable spa... ... will also present in front of everyone, visitors can always choose their favorite projects, do not worry about secondary consumption.

Among the many areas of the sea cube, the most eye-catching area is "adventure slide area", where a lot of water park equipment even create the first position through the country or even the whole of Asia.


Tianjin Happy Sea Cube is the first large outdoor water park in North China, to fill the gaps in Tianjin outdoor water world.

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