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Multislide Slide

Multislide Slide

Multislide Slide
  • Multislide Slide
  • Multislide Slide
  • Multislide Slide
  • Multislide Slide

Keyword: Hot sale fiberglass water slides Supplier 
Material: fiberglass 
Width: 0.6m/lanes 
Capacity: 1 person/time 
Slide type: mat slide 
Tower height: 8m-15m, customized 
Length: 75m or 130m/lane 
Capacity per hour: 720 riders/h 
Production method: spray up

About Us
Haisan is a water park equipment manufacturer located in Guangdong province in China with its own brand Haisen. At Haisan, there are a big range of slides, rides and pools equipment for water parks, theme parks and amusement parks. The main material being used for those water park equipment are fiberglass with techniques of hand spray up and powder coating, which meets SGS stands under ISO9001:2008 management.

Haisen Brand Fiberglass Water Multislide For Sale from Haisan Entertainment
This fiberglass water multislide is a common and popular water slides with 3 to 8 lanes, and it is a type of mat slide with integrated wave speeds, which enables several people play at the same time with exciting racing moments experience and enjoying the joy of athletics. This type of multislide can be customized with height from 6 meter to 14 meter.

Apart from manufacturer of fiberglass water slides and fiberglass pool slides, according to customers’ location area and specific requirement, Haisan also provides customized design service for the purpose of better and enjoyable amusement experience.

Fiberglass Pool Slides For Sale
As a professional manufacturer of fiberglass water slides, Haisan is able to offers up to 3000 sets of high quality fiberglass pool slides for sale, which is suitable for usage in water parks, amusement parks and theme parks.

Some specifications of hot sale Haisen brand fiberglass pool slides:
1. Factory: SGS and TUV audited manufacturer;
2. Materials: top quality fiber glass, and hot-galvanized steel columns from top manufacturer;
3. Color: customized colors provided. OEM services;
4. Certificates: CE, SGS, TUV, ISO 9001:2008;
5. Sizes: there are large size fiberglass pool slides for amusement parks, medium size pool slides for restaurants and swimming pools, and mini size for private pools and home pools.

For details, please don’t hesitate to talk to our sales representative. Apart from manufacturer, Haisan offers professional technical designs, management plans and suggestions.

Features of Fiberglass Water Multislide shown in pictures:
1) Suitable for indoor and outdoor area
2) Share terrace with other amusement equipment
3) Top quality material ensures safe and stable operation in a long run

Multislide,from the leading water theme park supplier, is made of many lanes for riders making competition. Riders are prone on the mat with hands fastened on handles and then slide down along the way with its own gravity under water lubrication. Through many times’ steep fall on the slide, riders will experience wonderful feeling during the way. When entering buffer section, they will slow down and stop on the buffer section. Then riders get away from the mat and finish a thrilling journey. The mat riders taken are made of foamed plastic and a layer of PVC membrane. The mate size is 1.5 m * 0.5 m, the thickness is 25 mm, and total weight is 2.5 kg with handles. Riders will be prone on the mat and need to fasten handles with head down.

Fiberglass Water Slides For Sale
Water Park is a theme park based on water, a large scale comprehensive playground together with amusement, entertainment, and sports. Fiberglass water slides sand fiberglass pool slides are the main part of a water park, especially water slides, which is great popular among kids and adults.

Fiberglass water slides is one kind of amusement park equipment, taking water as medium, tourists sliding down from its surface under relevant conditions. Considering of projection to the ground, fiberglass water slide is divided into straight lined water slide and curved water slide. And for kids and adults, there are also separate water slides.

With cultural and living standard improvement, consumption concept and amusement styles, water amusement, as a good-for-health sports item, is more and more popular among tourists, and gradually it will become a trend.

For the purpose of tourists playing on water parks more reassured, comfortable, fun, and safer, as well better management of water parks, Haisen offers high quality fiberglass water slides and pool slides for sale.

Suggestions from Rainbow Multislide Fiberglass Water Slides Supplier:
1. Lay down on back, legs cross and straight together;
2. Cross hands and put them on shoulders, or put hands behind under head;
3. Sliding down in queen and obey the instructions;
4. During sliding, keep the position;
5. Before sliding, take off glasses, watches, and jewelries;
6. Sliding to the pool, please take fastest leave;
7. Avoid elderly people, pregnant people and heart disease sliding;
8. Height below 1.1m and age below 12, water slides are not allowed.

Notifications of play on fiberglass water slides:
1. Tourists:
A. Before and after water slides or pool slides, it’s better to have a shower and feet sterilization.
B. Standing on the water slide is prohibited.
A. Park management: at the water slide entrance, notice board with notice to tourists, sliding means and series of pictures should be set up. As well, one professional water slide staff should be there for emergency and unexpected dangers.
B. Pool and professional staff should be there end of water slides.
C. Daily inspections before operation, including all the contacting surface.

More details, please talk to our water slides expert. Haisan is a professional manufacturer in the most popular water sports item - fiberglass water slides. Don't hesitate to contact us.

The most professional and popular waterslides supplier is Haisan Entertainment Technology Co., LTD!

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