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Maintenance and Repair of Mobile Water Park Water Slides

Maintenance and Repair of Mobile Water Park Water Slides

Water slides are usually found in water parks or family parks, with heights ranging from 1 meter to 20 meters. People who want to experience sliding down the water slide walk up the stairs to the top platform and slide down according to the required sliding posture relying on gravity. Next, we will share some suggestions on maintenance and repair of mobile aqua park equipment water slides.

Maintenance of mobile aqua park equipment

  • Before the slide is opened, check the surface of the slide for sharp edges, corners, burrs, and whether there is water leakage at the bottom of the slide.

  • Whether the water supply equipment for the slide is operating normally to ensure the supply of lubricating water for the slide.

  • The connectors should be checked regularly to ensure that they are tightened.

  • The load-bearing components should be checked regularly to see if there are any cracks, bending and deformation in the structure. If found, replace them in time.

  • When the slide is not in use, it should be covered with plastic sheets, coarse cloth or red, white and blue woven cloth to prevent the aging, fading and cracking of the slide due to ultraviolet radiation, as well as to prevent rain and snow from affecting the service life of the slide. For sections of the slide with cracks, they should be replaced (or repaired) in time, and when the slide interface is uneven, there's a concave platform or a crack, it should be dealt with in time.

Treatment of damage to mobile aqua park equipment

  • Polish the cracked and rough areas.

  • If the cracks are not severe, water polishing will suffice.

  • If the cracks are severe, the rubber-based adhesive should be repaired, dried and solid before polishing.

  • The surface paint layer of the metal components should be checked during the period of non-use to see if there is any peeling or fading. If there is any peeling or bubbling, knock it off, then polish it and repaint it.

  • Regular inspections and maintenance should be carried out, and the slide should be regularly cleaned. If there is accumulation of water, sand, and lime scale on the slide surface, it should be cleaned and polished promptly with cotton cloth or sandpaper.

Maintenance of mobile aqua park equipment

Water leakage in the slide

The Sikaflex adhesive used to connect the fiberglass slide is aging. First, remove the old adhesive and clean it. Slightly polish the slide joint, then reseal it with Sikaflex adhesive, and smooth it with your hand. The remaining fiberglass should be scraped off, and after drying, the surface should be polished with waterproof sandpaper to ensure that the body will not be scraped while sliding through.

Cracks in the slide

Use an angle grinder to grind off the cracks, and before repairing, clean the surface (with a brush or cotton cloth), then use the same color adhesive to repair it. After curing, use 400# waterproof sandpaper for rough polishing, 800# waterproof sandpaper for semi-fine polishing, and finally 1500# waterproof sandpaper for precise polishing to achieve a smooth and shiny surface, and finally use a polisher (with 3# polishing liquid) for polishing treatment.

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