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How Can the Compound Water Park Operate Better and More Safely?

How Can the Compound Water Park Operate Better and More Safely?

Ⅰ. Compound water parks are becoming more and more popular

In recent years, compound water parks have been surging around the world, and basically every country has compound water parks of different sizes. This also puts forward a more severe and urgent requirement for the practitioners of the compound water park. How to ensure the safe operation of the compound water park?

Ⅱ. How can the compound water park operate better and safer?

1. Planning and positioning are based on reality

The preliminary planning and positioning should be based on considerations of reality and safety, respect existing technology and objective construction conditions, and require the operator to fully consider the particularity of the compound water park, and take in-depth consideration from various aspects such as technology, venue, and human perception.

2. Planning and design should respect science

The planning needs to integrate the climate and terrain of the project site, adapt measures to local conditions, and fully consider the impact of geographical conditions on the equipment. At the same time, it is necessary to weigh the placement of different equipment, the spacing of spaces, and the organization of tourist movement lines to ensure reasonable planning, safety and order.

3. Equipment purchase to ensure quality

The preferred equipment is mature and reliable, and the quality is guaranteed. When selecting the amusement equipment of the compound water park, it is necessary to fully consider the size of the park, the theme style, and the market customers, etc., and choose the appropriate equipment and facilities.

4. Construction conforms to specifications

The construction of the composite water park requires the connection of the foundation civil construction party and the equipment builder. Therefore, quality management in the construction phase is also very important, and must comply with process specifications and construction requirements.

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