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Guangzhou Changlong Water Park Creates a Dabbling Model of Halloween

Guangzhou Changlong Water Park Creates a Dabbling Model of Halloween

During the closure of the park, from now on until November 5th, Changlong water park has simultaneously entered the dabbling model of "Halloween"! On October 15th, hundreds of popular COSER and red brown, who are the first to experience the "Changlong Water Pretty Ghost Festival", compete the pretty with the water "pretty ghost“,play "scream river" and "sea spider lair" these water "ghost play" project, and shout loudly with novelty and fun.

It is known that the "Changlong Water Pretty Ghost Festival" is the rare water Halloween at home. Guangzhou Changlong Water Park, according to their characteristics of the park, creates a China's unique water Halloween adventure zone. With a theme of "pretty ghost", it perfectly combines with Halloween, dabbling, bikinis, and electric sound these fashion elements, providing a new dabbling Halloween model for the majority of tourists and dabbling tourists.

From now on until "Guangzhou Changlong water pretty ghost" of November 5th, Guangzhou Changlong water park has built four "ghost zones": "deep sea frightened tunnel", "fire Memorial square", "sea spider nest", "river of screams".

Besides, from now on until the day of closure of the park to November 5th, Changlong water park will completely enter the water play mode. Five sauna room heat bursting, the highest temperature up to 70 degrees; ten hot water massage pool all around the park, which hot water is between 38 to 40 degree, let dabbling tourists can completely relax themselves. And all water slide of park are offered 30 to 33 degree with warm water. Dabbling tourists can play great gorge, great horn, behemoth, python slide, big skateboard slide, galloping competition slide and vertical limit slide these multitier top water recreation facilities in the world, enjoying the warm water entertainment without difference.

In addition, all kinds of top performing arts must not be missed. "Guangzhou Changlong Water Ghost Party" is performing on the beach every day. Youth, personality, creativity, popularity, fun, spoof, all these EDM elements will collide out the most perfect cross over, letting the dabbling tourists play happily.

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Guangzhou Haisan Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturing brand enterprise, which is the only one made a special coverage on CCTV "quality" column in Chinese water park equipment manufacturing. Besides, in March 2017, it obtains the most important honor of Chinese amusement industry: "Outstanding contribution award" for 30 years development of Chinese amusement industry.

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