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Design of moving line of parking lot and entrance-2

Design of moving line of parking lot and entrance-2

Design of moving line of parking lot and entrance-2

---Disabled parking space---

The width of general disabled parking spaces is 2.5m * 1.6x = 4.0m, with a length of 5m; according to China's specifications, more than 200 parking spaces need to be set up, with more than 4 disabled parking spaces.

At one side of the special parking space, wheelchair passage not less than 1.2m wide shall be reserved, and the passage shall be connected with pedestrian passage. If there is a height difference between the pedestrian passageway and the pedestrian passageway, a passageway suitable for wheelchair passage shall be set.

At present, most of the charging piles in the market are built by the State Grid. In addition to the State Grid, there are also charging operators. These two charging piles account for almost 90% of the number of charging piles in the market. The rest of the charging piles are built by the manufacturers themselves, and most of them are household charging piles. So if you want to plan the parking lot charging station, you can cooperate with the State Grid and charging operators.

Three ways of parking

It can enter and leave the vehicle from two directions. It is convenient to park. It occupies the smallest area in several parking modes, and stops the most in the same area. However, the turning radius is required to be large and the driving channel is wide.

Corner parking:

The inclined angle parking fast in and fast out reduces the time of blocking the road. The required turning radius is small, and the width area of the corresponding passage is small. However, the car in and out can only follow a fixed direction, and there is a triangle area in front of and behind the parking space, so each car occupies a large area. Its advantages can increase the width of the lane in front of the parking space, so as to have more space for reversing when meeting or reversing.

Parallel parking:

Parallel parking mode is more convenient and safe for vehicles to enter and leave the parking space, but each vehicle occupies a larger area due to the need of access.

At present, some parks in China have joined the intelligent parking management system. The main functions of the parking lot management system are license plate recognition, remote Bluetooth control system, card reading or ticket box management, which can be accessed only by scanning the license plate number, without taking the card, so as to greatly reduce the time of the car owner staying in the parking lot and improve the overall efficiency of the parking lot. Secondly, it can help the driver to find the car quickly, guide the parking space, reserve the parking space, and find the car in the reverse direction, effectively prevent the congestion in the parking lot, and ensure the use of parking space and vehicle turnover.

---VIP car parking---

This is not a Chinese characteristic. In fact, there are also settings in foreign parks. The specific design standard is the same as that of motor vehicle design standard, but the location of the setting needs special consideration.           

1. It is set separately from other parking lots, and even some places are required to be covered;            2. Try to be close to the front office area or VIP reception area, so that VIP tourists can enter the park directly.

---Parking lots for bicycles, motorcycles, etc---

In principle, these two kinds of parking lot are not located near the intersection. There shall be no less than two entrances and exits. Each parking space for bicycles shall be 1.5-1.8 , and each parking space for motorcycles shall be 2.5-2.7 . The parking mode shall be based on the principle of convenient access. Secondly, in the design, we should pay attention to the setting of sunshade and rainproof scaffold.

---Staff Parking---

This kind of parking lot should not be set together with the tourist parking lot. It is generally recommended to set it in the back area, such as around the administrative office building. The design category includes bus, trolley, truck, motorcycle and bicycle. It is better to design according to the relevant domestic specifications. The specific quantity and area are roughly converted according to the number of employees.

Secondly, the bus parking space in the staff parking lot is to meet the needs of the park staff for transportation to and from work. It is suggested that their vehicles can be added to the park advertising and become the mobile billboards for the park publicity.

---Temporary parking---

It is mainly set to meet the demand of temporary stop by public transport. In addition to the fixed parking lot, the temporary parking lot needs to be considered, which is relatively simple, mainly for the use of temporary parking vehicles.            

Shuttle bus: it is a transfer through fixed points, which is generally divided into two parts: one is to transfer tourists to the park in the main crowded places of the city, including the airport, high-speed railway station and people's Square. The other part is shuttle transportation between hotels around the park and other entertainment formats.

In the design, the ground of pedestrian should be raised, and sunshade and rainproof scaffold should be set, and the setting of buses with disabled people should be considered in foreign countries.           

Most of the taxis and online car hailing in the park are stop and go. However, in large parks, temporary parking areas will be set up separately to meet the needs of tourists. Such parking areas are generally used as public parking needs and do not need to pay parking fees.

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