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Several Operational Points Needing Attention in the Planning and Design of Theme Water Park equipment

Several Operational Points Needing Attention in the Planning and Design of Theme Water Park equipment

In the just concluded report on the work of the two sessions of the CPPCC and CPPCC, the government clearly put forward the idea of "developing and expanding the tourism industry", which fully demonstrates that the government attaches great importance to the development of tourism. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, tourists have put forward higher requirements for recreational products, supporting facilities and service quality. The people's yearning for a better life leads to the high-quality development of tourism, and also promotes the theme water park to enter a new era of high-quality development.

As the practitioners of tourism industry, we will encounter the upgrading and transformation of hardware such as water amusement equipment and facilities due to operational needs in the daily management process. In order to facilitate the later scientific operation, it is necessary to introduce the operation concept in advance from the early stage of the theme water park equipment, and to start the planning and design work of the theme water park from the perspective of market demand and tourists'experience. Combining with the existing problems of the industry and years of operation experience, this paper combs the following key operational points in the planning and design of theme water park, and shares with you:           

The main purposes are as follows: firstly, in view of the new water park, it is hoped that in the early stage of planning and construction, the operational needs will be considered, which will lay a good foundation for the future operation period of water park; secondly, it will provide a reference for some of the theme water park which has been opened and operated, and gradually improve its quality.           

The main points of operation include: the zoning layout of the park, the combination of regional formats, the design of functional streamline, the demand of safe operation, etc.           

1. Zonal Layout           

In the planning and design of theme water park, the park will be divided into zones. Popularly speaking, the zones will be divided into several thematic zones. Then the moving lines involved in each zones will affect the mood of tourists. Therefore, in the planning and design, it is necessary to determine the themes of each region to meet the needs of operation and management as well as tourists'experience, so as to enhance the coherence and interest of tourists' immersion experience.            

Zoning layout should be dynamic and static, through the theme of the region, project arrangement and color rendering, to mobilize tourists'mood, set up a reasonable dynamic zone, leisure area, to achieve the dynamic and static of the whole process of the park appropriate, start to carry on, just like watching a performance, may need to start before the hot, thrilling, humorous... It's a complete play that has a major show and a small show in the middle.

2. Regional format           

The combination of business formats in each theme area needs to be realized: having fun, looking, consuming and guaranteeing. In each thematic regional planning, we should pay attention to the combination of formats, and organically combine the tourists'needs of experience, participation in consumption and service provision according to the thematic characteristics. Especially in some areas with trump card projects and key projects, some catering, shops, stages, scenic spots and supporting services, leisure facilities are set up around the project to form a regional convergence effect, create regional crowds gathering place, stimulate consumption and enhance tourists'experience.     

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