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How to Reduce Weather Damage to Water Park Equipment?

How to Reduce Weather Damage to Water Park Equipment?

Weather is unpredictable and water parks operate according to the weather, so operators are considering the development of water parks that can operate in four seasons. Most water parks now operate on a seasonal basis. If the weather is bad, the water park is closed. How does weather affect water park equipment?

1. The influence of weather on large water park equipment

Large water park equipment is basically outdoor equipment. The volume is usually large, so the operation of the water park equipment takes up a lot of space. The structure is relatively complex, so the influence of weather on these water park equipment is obvious.

2. Large-scale water park equipment is affected by the season

Seasonal weather changes have a greater impact on larger water park equipment, especially during the rainy and thunderstorm seasons of summer. After the weather changes, operations will be interrupted, especially during thunderstorms. Therefore, a unilateral inspection is carried out in advance. Larger water park equipment is usually taller and more likely to be struck by lightning.

Despite the lightning protection equipment, it is still not enough. To protect water park equipment from weather changes, at the same time, repair damage caused by weather changes.

3. The influence of water park equipment in winter and summer is obvious

Ice forms in winter, and water park equipment can be damaged by icing if the antifreeze task is not performed properly. At the same time, there are fewer tourists in winter and the weather is cold, so the staff are careful enough and need to check and protect the water park equipment more frequently.

Summer and winter are the exact opposite. In summer, the weather is changeable and there are many passengers, so the duty to protect is very important. If the water consumption and internal structural elements of the water park equipment increase, the impact of the weather will increase relatively. Many large water parks will combine on-site designed water park equipment and custom equipment to not only achieve uniqueness but also reduce weather damage to water park equipment.

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