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Six strategies for successful water park marketing

Six strategies for successful water park marketing

Six strategies for successful water amusement park marketing

In addition to a successful water park, in addition to good design concepts, perfect themed packaging, and trendy water park equipments, the operating software system also plays a pivotal role in the successful operation of the water park. So, how to successfully complete the marketing work of the water park so that it can bring unexpected benefits to the water park? After in-depth investigation and study and practical experience, Guangzhou Haishan Company, a manufacturer of water park equipment, believes that the marketing strategy of water parks should be improved from the following six aspects. Welcome to contact us for water park equipment price list.

Strategy 1: Amusement Park Marketing Strategy for Improving Advertising Plan

Advertising is the first step of marketing promotion. Almost all water parks make overall publicity plans every year, and have corresponding investment budgets for advertising costs. Advertising, including the shooting of theme image commercials, TV commercials, newspaper ads, radio ads, magazine ads, TV subtitle ads, electronic sign ads, bus ads and online ads. In each year's advertising plan, the most effective combination and use of various forms of advertising and promotion must be made, and the effectiveness of advertising and promotion must be evaluated and analyzed as the basis for the adjustment of the next year's advertising and promotion plan. It is worth emphasizing that before the advertising plan is completed, it is necessary to fully analyze the target customer group of the water park itself. The media with the widest audience is not necessarily the most suitable media. We have to choose the appropriate media according to the different planning activities.

Strategy 2: Comprehensive Amusement Park Marketing strategy for promotional materials

For promotion and publicity, water parks usually also print the corresponding publicity materials, mail them to potential customers or hang them inside and outside the park. Event posters, direct magazines, registration briefings for event competitions, kanban production, POP production in the park, subtitle advertisement writing, program listings of the day, etc. are all the information to be conveyed by the water park or the image and concept to be spread to consumers And customer advertising media.

Strategy 3: Festive strategies for festival promotions

Festival promotions are commonly used in department stores, large shopping malls, or large shopping malls. Water parks can also be cited in marketing, because festivals are the best time for the whole family to travel. From the perspective of tourists' consumption structure, tickets account for about 50%, and other consumption also accounts for about 50%. Seizing festivals to promote goods or promotions on tickets can even drive consumption of goods and catering other than tickets. Multi-faceted festival promotions are bound to bring richer benefits to the water park. When planning festival promotions, we need to plan unique festival garden activities based on different festivals.

Strategy 4: Travel agency combined amusement park marketing strategy

Water park and travel agencies have a common interest base. The water park can be combined with other tourist attractions of the travel agency to form a classic travel route, becoming a sign for the travel agency to attract tourists; the travel agency often also brings customers to the water park with which it has close cooperation, and these tourists have strong spending power. Therefore, in marketing promotion, the two should be combined with each other and promoted together to achieve the purpose of mutual benefit. Many domestic water parks have regarded this cooperative marketing as one of the focuses of promotion marketing.

Strategy 5: Travel Card and Membership Card Promotion Strategy

At present, the trend of leisure and vacation tourism is increasingly prosperous. Related companies and travel companies have begun to issue travel discount cards. Even some water parks or leisure industries issue their own membership cards. These discount cards or membership cards are not only an intangible currency circulating in the market, but also a media for marketing and promoting the company's products. However, it is important to emphasize that the issuance of travel concession cards or membership cards must allow cardholders or consumers to feel value for money. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive and damage the corporate image.

Strategy 6: Joint marketing strategy with other brand goods

If the water park itself reaches a certain scale, characteristics, quality, and image, in fact, it already has intangible assets, you can consider doing joint marketing with related industries to achieve win-win and multi-win effects together. It should be noted that these alliance products should have a positive image, and their image and water park image can complement each other. The combination of the two can promote and promote each other, so that the union will be meaningful....


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