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Recommend five popular water parks

Recommend five popular water parks

The hot summer drove people into the water, and the water parks in all parts of the country were overcrowded during the summer. It is reported that in recent, the high temperature sustained around, it quickly increases the number of visitors of summer resorts.  Based on the data of product orders of summer water park, domestic websites Meituan listed on the platform of five major popular domestic theme park.

Leroy City - 88℃spa:

Leroy city - 88 C spa is located in Leroy international resort city of joy (Shanxi), New West Ham Jinghe Metro, Shaanxi Province. It is the Asian super hot spring theme park, west of Chinese first roller coaster Theme Park City, Lehuacheng. Lehua joy world.  In the West, there are more than 20 water entertainments, such as the super artificial wave pool whose wave height can reach 3.5 meters, the world's highest body slipway project---hurricane tower, speed slide and Tornado combination which won the international tourism industry 2006 annual Golden Ticket Awards - best new project ". The park set thrills and swimming Carnival in one with a wonderful "ten performing arts”, it has become a new landmark in the northwest tourists must go even it has only opened a year. As the park is divided into indoor and outdoor two parts and it uses local mining hot spring water, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Because of that, the Leroy-City-88 C spa can open 365 days a year without being affected by the season.

The popular project: super vacuum artificial wave pool with the total area of 10000 square meters, a total length of 1500 meters long artificial river rafting, the world's highest body slide project tornado tower with 3 chute, Family Recreation Area Rainbow Paradise, Five Stroke Water Car etc..

Ticket price: adult day ticket off-season 168 yuan / person, season 198 yuan / person; children's day ticket off-season 58 yuan / person, season 88 yuan / person; evening ticket 120 yuan / person. The tickets are thourough tickets.



Maya beach water park, Shanghai:

Shanghai Maya beach water park is located in the southwest of Shanghai Happy Valley theme park, Sheshan National Tourism Resort. It is a large water park in East china. The park focus on "thrill of danger" and "family entertainment". It fuses ancient Mayan culture and modern experience on water. It is another large theme park of the OCT Group in East china after the Shanghai Happy Valley.

Popular project: Extreme Anaconda, Super Big Horn, Bumblebee, Behemoth and The Eye of The Hurricane.

Adult day ticket fare: 210 yuan , evening ticket 170 yuan , the children and elder ticket 140 yuan

Star: ★★★★★


Zhuhai Changlong marine kingdom:

Changlong ocean Kingdom integrates rare marine animal, amusement equipment and large entertainment. It is a marine animal leisure park. It is the first unique combination design of the large-scale water recreation facilities and precious animal exhibition. In Asia, It is the first to have a water coaster. There are 15000 different kinds of exotic fish in the Marine Museum of Changlong ocean Kingdom, which is a vivid miniature of the world leading strength of the Zhuhai Changlong international marine resort.

Popular items: Whale shark Museum, Puerto Galera, Rain Fly, Polar Exploration

Ticket price: adult fare 350 yuan / person, day 380 yuan / person; the elderly and disabled, and children tickets 245 yuan / person, day 265 yuan / person

Star: ★★★★★


Guangzhou Changlong Aquatic Park:

All water recreation facilities in ChangLong water park were designed and provided by the world water park equipment company, including the international tourism industry 2006 annual "golden ticket Award" and "best new project" ---- "big horn" chute. Changlong water park also has a total length of over 1280 meters of river rafting, an artificial wave pool of a total area of 10000 square meters with a maximum of 1.2 meters high tide. There are also some children slides and children's pool specially designed for children. It has become the world's largest tourist reception water park since it opened in 2007.

Popular project: Python, Giant Flood Valley, Super Big horn, River Rafting

Adult fare: July August fare 280 yuan / person, September to the park closed 200 yuan / person; the elderly and children ticket 195 yuan / person in July August,  September to the park closed 140 yuan / person

Star: ★★★★★

Bali Island Water World:

Bali Island is located in the center south of Liaoning Fushun high hot water world theme park resort. It covers an area of about 200 thousand square meters. It is currently the largest theme leisure park in Northeast China. Bali Island Water World combines Balinese sensitivity and Water Project, provides internal and external water play experience. The outdoor wave pool, which can create 3 meters waves has become a popular project.

Popular items: Outdoor Wave Pool, Slide, Giant coaster

Fare: adult 220 yuan / person, children 145 yuan / person


Guangzhou Haishan Entertainment Technology. Co., Ltd. is a Chinese brand enterprise, reported by the CCTV “quality” column topic. It attained the highest honor in Chinese amusement  industry in March 2017: "award for outstanding contributions" for 30-year Chinese amusement industry.

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