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Water park operation management method

Water park operation management method

Water park operation management method

    Water Park is a large-scale comprehensive playground with water as the theme, integrating leisure, entertainment and sports. With the continuous improvement of people's culture and living standards, the continuous renewal of consumption concepts and amusement and leisure methods, more and more people choose to play in water parks. The water slide in the water park equipment is the main part of the water park. It uses water as the medium to meet the needs of different thrilling desires and the needs of tourists of different age structures. The safe use and operation management methods of water slides are also a more important part.

1. An eye-catching sign should be hung up at an obvious place at the entrance of the water slide: a sign for tourist notices, precautions, and ways to slide should be announced.

2. At the entrance of the water slide, there is a staff member corresponding to each slide to check the safety status of the slide, guide and supervise the tourists to slide according to the prescribed sliding method and the correct method, and it is strictly forbidden to stand on the slide to ensure the sliding It is safe and reliable; at the same time, guide tourists in order and control the interval time of tourists sliding to ensure that there is no collision between two people before and after. The exit of the slide corresponds to a sink (or the end of the buffer section of the slide). At the same time, a staff member should be arranged to urge tourists to leave in time to prevent others from entering the sink from the slide and avoid collision accidents.

3. The staff should conduct necessary inspections of the water slide before operation every day. Where the passengers can reach, there should be no exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, etc., and the slide body should be free of cracks, deformations, or breaks; transitions at the interface Smooth, no water seepage or water leakage.

4. After checking to ensure safety and reliability, open the lubricating water valve and adjust the flow of lubricating water according to regulations to ensure safety, comfort and moderate speed during taxiing.

5. Carry out a trial sliding: There is no obvious bounce or roll during the sliding process, and it feels comfortable.      

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Haisan have one professional team with over 200 experts who specialize in theme park planning, engineering, landscaping, R&D for water park equipment, engineering construction. Some of them have over 20 years of industry experience. Haisan focus not only on beautiful design but also functionality and economic profitability.

Haisan is committed to providing the best-quality product and service by investing in continuous research and development. Haisan have specially established water park equipment research center which has got the strongest ability for design and research and more than 70 patents obtained. We are also a member of IAAPA and National Aquatic Entertainment Facility Standard Unit and 3 technical staffs from our company who set the GB/T18168-2008 standards (Specifications of water amusement equipment category). Haisan is the unique company in water park equipment filed, which is reported by CCTV - the most credibility media, as the brand enterprise of "Made In China".

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