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Brand promotion should pay attention to several principles

Brand promotion should pay attention to several principles

1. Publicity content creativity should focus on communication and docking with tourists. Different media, different groups of people, different requirements, to optimize the content of creativity, presentation, better resonance with tourists, to impress consumers.           

2. The process of brand publicity needs to be put in scientifically in the process of advertising. It needs accurate crowd positioning. It needs to find out the market, understand what kind of people the market crowd is, carry out pre-preparation and research, formulate media publicity plan, and combine the habit of information acquisition of consumer groups to formulate a soft-hard combination of brand publicity plan. In the process of execution, we should pay attention to the data feedback of all advertisements, propaganda and dissemination in real time, and realize the overall coverage effect of propaganda by optimizing the data feedback. In fact, from the experience we have accumulated in brand promotion over the years, every festival or before the opening of the water park, we will formulate a detailed brand promotion plan, which will set a series of goals, including how much money to spend, what coverage rate to achieve, how many people to cover and what effect to achieve. This has formed a comparative branch. In this way, before the opening of the water park every year, we can calculate the expected operation effect of the water park in that year in a certain way.           

3. Publicity needs to create some big events and do some cooperation with big brands to guide the market. For example, in the early period of the opening of Maya Water Park in Shanghai in 2014, we made a brand-new publicity of the opening of Maya Water Park in Shanghai Bund, which formed a social hot spot, and conducted a lot of interaction online and offline at the same time. In the process of water park management, cooperate and interact with all kinds of film and television programs and entertainment programs to enhance their influence.           

4. We must pay attention to the needs of new media, especially mobile media and cross-screen interaction of mobile terminals, and strive for money. For example, in the early days of the opening of Maya Water Park in Shanghai this year, we made a pre-heated speculation in the media, and realized the pre-sale of 100,000 early bird tickets during the experience period.

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