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The third part:Key issues in design and construction of water park

The third part:Key issues in design and construction of water park

1. Design and construction of scratch prevention
The biggest damage to the tourist experience is accidental injury. What is the most accidental injury? The main causes are bumps and scratches. The two main places are wave making pool, drifting River and road. The causes are related to the construction, and the construction surface has not been dealt with properly.
For example, the stone walls of the wave making pool and the drifting River need to be polished and anti-collision treatment. All places with height difference should be treated with steps as much as possible instead of amplitude treatment, because as long as there is a slope, it is particularly easy to fall, so this is very important. If these details are handled properly, it will bring great benefits to the experience of tourists. It is possible for a park with about 500000 visitors to have 10000 bruises and scratches a year. 1 / 50 concept, 1 / 50 people are injured when they come in, we can imagine how much influence the spread has on the brand and market.
So these problems, from the source, from the design stage and construction stage of the water park, we should pay attention to this problem.

2. Lighting design
Why is lighting design important? One is from the perspective of security and the other is from the perspective of experience.
From the perspective of safety, the lighting design of the water park cannot affect the sight of the safety management personnel. For example, employees need to look at each other between the launching platform and the lower terminal pool. If the night lighting affects the vision of the employees at the departure platform, or the lighting design of the employees at the departure platform affects the lighting design of the terminal pool, and they can't see each other, it will bring security risks. In particular, the lighting of the wave making pool is relatively large and there are many lights. If the security administrator is affected by the lighting, it will cause him to see the reflection from the water surface, so that he can't see the bottom of the water, which will also bring safety problems. So this is the first one to think about it from a security perspective.
The second is from the perspective of experience, for example, we know that the water park now has a large number of night tourists, and the night experience is connected with lighting. In addition to lighting, there are also some art lights. We should also grasp the art light design related to experience.
3. Design of antiskid ventilation
Where is the most uncomfortable place of water park? There is also a shower pool in the toilet and storage room. If the ventilation and antiskid are not well done in these places, the air will be particularly poor. So far, there are not so many things that can be done well. For example, Chimelong and America's volcano Bay are all treated in a semi outdoor way, so the ventilation can be done well. If it's two thirds of the room or the whole room, it's not handled very well in general, or it's to increase the exhaust fan and noise to deal with this way. If it's not handled well, it's really bad for the tourists' experience.

4. Construction safety
The construction site of the water park project is generally very small. In addition, the construction period is short. We all hope to start business soon. Therefore, the safety construction is very critical. Multi tower operation, high-altitude falling, finished product protection, electricity safety and construction vehicle management are the places where safety problems are most likely to occur. Therefore, each key safety item of safety construction shall be managed by special system and method.

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