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cultural theme is very important for water park builder

cultural theme is very important for water park builder

China has thousands of years of history, there are countless beautiful myths, and there are many cultural themes that can be chosen abroad for water park builder. You don’t even have to choose historical or foreign, you can also create a new cultural theme, such as Disneyland. , Fantawild World, and so on. But no matter what theme is chosen, it must follow certain principles. There are several suggestions for your reference:

1. Don't choose the cultural theme that visitors around the project are generally aware of. Although it can be said that the local culture can be integrated, it can be said that it is meaningful, but there is no freshness for the surrounding tourists, or the freshness is easy to have, and there must be certain geographical differences. Unless you mainly want to be a market for foreign tourists, it is another matter.

2. The connotation of the theme culture should reflect the positive energy of society. The reason is very simple. No parent is willing to bring their own children to experience and accept bad culture, such as yellow gambling poison cults.

3. To fully understand the cultural taboos of the project location, such as some places, especially ethnic minorities, are sensitive to certain animals, we must avoid these. In addition, some companies have invited foreign design teams. They do not necessarily understand the consumption of Chinese tourists. It is not necessarily appropriate to move foreign ideas to China. For example, the theme of sexual culture has achieved very in some relatively open countries. Good results, but in China it may not be acceptable to most tourists.

4. The selected theme can't be too general. The more content it contains, the less easy it is to focus, and the impression of visitors is not deep. For example, if you choose Chinese ancient cultural themes or choose European cultural themes, there are too many things involved. It is not easy to express.

5. Try not to choose a theme that has duplicates with other theme parks, not to say that it is the only one in the world, but at least it must be unique in a large area, such as South China only, Northeast only and so on.
Once the theme is established, it is necessary to dig deeper into the connotation of the theme culture, and it cannot be expressed only by name and words. Some water parks or hot spring resorts have chosen a very good theme, but the expression of the theme cultural connotation is only used for the name of an item or water amusement facility, or simply expressed in the form of a text board. Far from enough. Visitors come to the water park or play mainly. When you come to the water park, there are not a few people who have time to read your long texts. You must vividly express the culture of these themes through style, sculpture, pictures, small landscapes, etc. Combined with the water park equipment, it is easy for visitors to receive and form an overall atmosphere.

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