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Safety first: precautions for the preparation and operation of water park equipment-part three

Safety first: precautions for the preparation and operation of water park equipment-part three

29, the device area found that the treatment of children

(1) If a post finds a child missing, he or she should go forward in time and ask the child to understand the child's loss.

(2) Understand children's family characteristics, contact and comfort children, alleviate children's anxiety and nervousness.

(3) According to the information provided by the child, report the situation to the foreman. The foreman can contact the child's parents according to the contact information provided by the child.

(4) If the child is unable to provide parent-related information, the foreman will bring the child to the customer service center for handover at the first time.

(5) The foreman uses the walkie-talkie to inform other regional employees to pay attention to the tourists in the area. If any parents who are looking for lost children are found, they should inform the children in advance to ensure that the parents can find the children as soon as possible.

30. Specifications for vomiting or discomfort after tourists take equipment

(1) For equipment with high irritation, the vomiting phenomenon of tourists often occurs after riding the water park equipment. The machine is ready to block the wood chips. Once the vomiting is vomiting, the machine attendant is currently covering. If the situation is serious, the cleaning will be notified to assist.

(2) If there is seriousness, notify the infirmary and the supervisor on duty, or send someone to the infirmary.

(3) If the situation of the tourists is serious, notify the infirmary to send someone to attend the meeting.

(4) If there is a fainting of tourists, the on-site staff can't move. In summer, the sun umbrella can be moved to cover and cool down, and the medical staff will be notified immediately.

(5) According to the judgment of the medical staff, the first-aid facility such as 120 is called by the customer service staff.

(6) After the end of the ride, the service personnel of the machine will do the observation work of the tourists, and find those who are pale and unstable, and do a good job at any time.

31. Rules for handling disputes between visitors in the project area

(1) When a quarrel or fight between tourists is found, the employee will discourage Don't call again at the same time. At the same time, immediately use the walkie-talkie to contact security guards, foremen, supervisors, explain the position of the fight, the number of participants, and whether to hold the equipment.

(2) Evacuate on-site personnel to avoid injury to other personnel.

(3) Report to the department head according to the situation, and choose to close the equipment in the area according to the instructions of the superior.

(4) Seek other colleagues to persuade within the limits of their own control, but only if they are to protect themselves.

(5) The class leader should arrive at the location of the incident as quickly as possible, and report to the supervisor or manager according to the situation on the spot.

(6) The supervisor can report the customer service center and the security department according to the actual situation on the spot. Before the staff of the support department arrives, the manager and supervisor should control the development as much as possible.

(7) Security personnel will take both sides of the fight away from the scene to prevent unilateral escape and lay a good foundation for post-processing.

(8) The security monitoring center adjusts the surrounding surveillance lens to leave image data.

32. Processing specifications for uncooperative tourists

(1) The post attendant needs to be polite to know the safety issues that may arise from visitors who do not meet the standard.

(2) Introduce other equipment that does not have any restrictions on the requirements of tourists, and advise visitors to experience it.

(3) If the visitor does not listen to dissuasion, the equipment service personnel should notify the foreman and supervisor in the first time, and the foreman and supervisor will come to handle it.

(4) If the visitor always insists on entering the play, the supervisor informs the security or customer service department to handle it as appropriate.

(5) Ensure the normal order of the queuing area and the normal operation of the equipment, and avoid such visitors from affecting the on-site operation order and the queue time of other tourists.

33. Specification of male employees when serving female tourists

(1) When male employees serve female tourists, they must maintain sufficient distance and are not allowed to make physical contact unless the female tourists are physically unwell after taking the equipment and they are not able to walk properly.

(2) After the tourists have finished the stimulating equipment, the on-site service personnel should observe the expression of each visitor and pay attention to the passengers with pale face, low head and painful expression, and give assistance if necessary.

(3) On-site qualified machines, as far as possible, use female employees to serve female tourists.

(4) For the high and low service machines, try to arrange female employees to carry out security inspections and services. Male employees should not stare at female tourists for a long time to prevent tourists from being disgusted.

34. Treatment specifications for severe weather

(1) Sudden weather during the operation period (such as wind, heavy rain, lightning), the equipment can not be opened, and the site visitors explain and comfort work.

(2) Equipment that is not subject to the above conditions, indoor venues do a good job of circulating equipment.

(3) The customer service center will give the information of the campus broadcast and LED display, and still open the equipment to guide the visitors to the experience.

35. Interpretation specifications for carrying easy-to-fall items into the queuing area

(1) For equipment that has easy to fall off items, before entering the queuing area, the entrance staff must identify the items carried by the tourists and give warm reminders for different situations.

(2) If there is no temporary storage on the platform, inform them that it can be placed in the locker or customer service center in the public area. If there is temporary storage on the platform, please inform the organizer to organize the items that accompany them, and the items that are easy to fall off are placed in the bag. Prevent economic losses caused by falling during the ride. Failure to operate the device may result in the device not functioning. Electronic devices can cause sensor transients to be sensitive, causing the device to lock up safely.

(3) For foods such as drinking water or bread, inform them to eat or put them in the bag when waiting in line.

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