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How Long is the Water Park Equipment Renewal Cycle?

How Long is the Water Park Equipment Renewal Cycle?

At present, the construction of water amusement park is still in the hot stage. The fondness degree to water amusement park of the public is higher especially in summer. Therefore, second-tier or third-tier even forth-tier cities became new investment hotspots gradually.

With the development of market and changes of requirement, updates and changes are taking place in aqua park equipment ceaselessly. There are more and more highly exciting water park equipment today, and athletics-typed equipment also appears more and more frequently.

Desiring to be more popular and to provide people with more novel and interesting experience, these water parks have to update their aqua park equipment. So how often will these aqua park equipment be updated? Let's read the followings.

1. From the perspective of the marketing of aqua park equipment

As a popular item in hot summer, water amusement park is extremely lively in every midsummer. Almost every water amusement park will be overcrowded, which makes every investor a lot of money. However, with the increase of competitors, the update of aqua park equipment is especially important when it comes to better facilities, fresh experiences and the probability of tourists revisiting.

2. From the perspective of aqua park equipment

Every kind of equipment has its service life limit and will be devalued during use. When the upper limit of its service life is reached, there will be major hidden dangers and reduced safety. For example, the operation performance of water amusement park equipment will be relatively reduced when it becomes old if it's operated for too long. Therefore, the safety of tourists should be put in the first place all the time.

The most important task of water amusement park is to provide experience services. In general, the service life of water amusement park equipment is ten years. According to the use of national special equipment, a comprehensive evaluation should be conducted according to the use of water amusement park equipment after the amusement facilities expire, of which those unqualified ones will be rectified accordingly. Generally speaking, it's best to update them within three to five years.

3. From the perspective of market demand of aqua park equipment

It is very necessary to maintain the return consumption of tourists, because people's experience is dynamic. The invariance of entertainment products will cause declining attractiveness of the scenic spot and revisit interest of tourists, which will have a negative impact on revisit rate of water amusement park.

There is no doubt that new water amusement park equipment makes water amusement park more attractive with new themes on these new facilities, which meets people's changing needs and creates more new and interesting experiences for tourists.

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