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Water Park Planning

Water Park Planning

The water park, with water as the main body, offers large-scale comprehensive sports, cultural and entertainment activities. It is also an industry with high population density. In addition to the functions and facilities mentioned above, the modern water parks should also have corresponding auxiliary facilities, such as food and drinks service, dressing equipment, security system and charging mode, which improve the water park operations to a new level.

The following problems need to be solved in the planning of a water park:

1.Determine the nature and theme of the planning project. We should be realistic because consumers need to experience in person. So the theme, closely connected with water, should be highlighted.

2. Pay attention to the harmony of the environment (including humanistic environment and ecological environment). Integrate the elements of architectural landscape and water landscape into the project to show the uniqueness of the park. And to show its theme and style through environmental art packaging which is elegant and comfortable.

3. The functional areas are divided in a clear, scientific, environmentally-friendly and reasonable way. Carry out functional area settings step by step in order to let tourists feel intoxicated.

4. The project settings need to be unique and innovative. It is necessary to analyze the needs and feelings of consumer groups so as to set up unique and innovative facilities and multifunctional entertainment projects. The highlights and unique features of a project guarantee its competitiveness in the same industry and make tourists feel the joy of playing.

Haisan Amusement Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to mobile water world, and the integration of project design, planning, production, operation and service. Our advantage is not only the product itself, but a set of market-oriented guidelines for site operation, which focuses on site survey and park overall planning, covering the function design and product operation, etc. According to the characteristics of each city, we provide integrated services, including helping site operators in carrying out publicity, team building and management, equipment setup and maintenance and providing security plans. We will provide, according to the characteristics of different water parks, profit system and profit point layout plans which are in accordance with project operation characteristics and local consumption habits, in order to maximize the profits.
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