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Suggestions of running water slide at the night

Suggestions of running water slide at the night

First, look at the night weather in the city where the water slide is located. If the night temperature is much lower than the day temperature (more than 5 degrees), the price of the night venue can be lower than that of the day venue. If the night temperature does not cool down, the uniform price can be considered.            

The second is to look at the distance or distance of the park relative to the central city. If the distance is more than an hour, the price of the night venue can be lower than the daily price.            Other factors such as consumption habits, competition in the same industry, historical business data and so on should be considered comprehensively.

Excellent night experience can not be separated from safe and smooth operation services.            Operation of Water Park Night Stadium            

Several points should be paid attention to in the operation of water park night stadium: safety, smoothness, service and reducing complaints.           

Night lights always have some dead corners or areas with poor vision. In operation, security risks should be checked repeatedly. If necessary, some areas and equipment should be isolated or closed. For those areas and equipment that are not open, they must be posted at the gate of the park and on the website to avoid complaints from tourists.           

There are two other time points for visitors to concentrate in and out of the night stadium. One is that there are a large number of visitors queuing before the ticket check-up begins. At this time, the sunshine is still hot. If there is no shade in the waiting area, the visitors'experience will be poor. In operation, it is necessary to flexibly grasp the opening time of the night stadium according to the gathering situation of visitors, so as to reduce the congestion of the ticket check-in. Another blocking point is that at the end of the night, a large number of tourists pour into the more drenched area and refund the hand-card deposit at the same time. At this time, the park needs to send additional staff to guide and deal with it. At the same time, it also improves the way of hand-card refund in software and hardware, so that tourists can enjoy faster service.           

At the beginning of the night wave pool performance, some amusement facilities will be closed ahead of time due to safety considerations. At this time, the park should arrange staff to remind tourists to stop queuing in advance according to the situation of tourists queuing, so that the tourists who have queued can experience the end, so as to avoid stiff shutdown of equipment causing complaints from tourists.           

Due to the relative confusion of night venues, tourists often lose contact with each other. In this case, the park should set up a contact area for missing persons in prominent locations, and at the same time, increase the resources for broadcasting in the park.           

At the end of the night, tourists drive away, all the exits of the parking lot are open, and additional staff are sent to conduct traffic guidance. It's better not to charge by time in charge parking lot, but to charge by time in order to avoid traffic congestion caused by fees in open parking lot.

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