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The world's only water park built on the desert opened to the public --- Xiangshawan water park

In order to activate the tourism market, speed up the promotion of tourism consumption, improve the quality and upgrade of tourism consumption, in order to let tourists have a better tourism experience, let the summer desert have water cooling and more happy entertainment content, the Xiangshawan water park project recently has been opened on June 25, 2020 (Dragon Boat Festival).

Xiangshawan water park is located in the national 5A scenic area of Inner Mongolia Xiangsha Bay scenic area. It is the only water park built on the desert in the world, covering an area of 45000 square meters. It is exclusively designed and provided with equipment manufacturing and installation services by Haisan Amusement, including the newly developed water flying saucer, water speeder II, racing water airship and water house, kids water slides, water play area and other popular water park equipment on the market.

This time, the opening of Xiangshawan water park will fill the gap of playing water on the desert and release more tourism consumption potential, promote the early recovery of the consumer market, and minimize the impact of the epidemic on the tourism market.

water slide

water slide

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