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how to optimize the tourist experience in the restless queuing area?

how to optimize the tourist experience in the restless queuing area?

Technology application of queuing area

1.     Benign indication

At the entrance of the queuing area, what tourists need most is to know in real time and accurately how long the project is expected to queue from this location, how long will the next or remaining performances start, or whether the project is suspended for some reason. Therefore, the entrance electronic information screen can always get more enthusiastic eyes than the door packaging, visitors, help tourists arrange the next activity plan. It is similar to building water park, the same questions should be considered.

On the other hand, when tourists see the long queue time on the display screen and are hesitant, the amusement project suddenly shuttles past. The atmosphere of fever and screams will make tourists enthusiastic and join the queue without complaint.           

The roller coaster project of Haichang Discovery Kingdom takes advantage of this psychological hint of "looking for plum blossoms to quench thirst" and turns queuing into an inevitable choice for tourists. Science and technology function display and project atmosphere display complement each other. The super long queue time notice gives tourists enough psychological preparation, and the immersive atmosphere reduces tourists' queuing complaints. The combination of the two has contributed to the popularity of the project.

2.     Multimedia interaction

One hour or several hours of queuing time is common for popular amusement or visiting projects. Making good use of video, audio, multimedia interaction and other means can greatly activate the atmosphere of the queuing area, relieve the irritability during the queuing period, and save the setting of rehearsal hall.           

Take the submarine interactive ship in Zhuhai Changlong Ocean Park as an example. After going through the winding queuing area from the ground to the underground, tourists will see some machines similar to the display screen of game machines. After the operation, the curious people will continue to walk inside. The environment turns dark. Suddenly, a string of bubbles with human faces appear on the large screen in front of them. Tourists are often excited to see themselves. Of course, due to the failure of some display joystick, many tourists feel sorry for missing the interaction.

More and more queuing areas will set up a display screen on the ceiling or wall of the queuing area to play the visiting instructions and use methods of amusement equipment, which greatly saves the inspection time of service personnel and improves the efficiency of the project. Some screens even interspersed with other new products of the theme park, cleverly expanding the publicity channels.

3.     Network interaction

Shanghai Disneyland's most popular fly over the horizon project, too long queue, often complain. Therefore, the management launched a series of QR codes in its indoor queuing area to encourage tourists to scan the code online, participate in the network group confrontation, and answer the preset questions. The design of the questions basically coincides with the theme of the exploration in the area, and the quickest group and correct answer will be immediately put on the ceiling of the queuing hall. The tourists who took part in the answer were immersed in the questions for a while, and looked up to see the answers. After a round of competition, they had a good time, leaving the boring queue behind.

4.     Comfort building

The queuing area is usually set in indoor and outdoor environment, while theme park(similar to building water park) is usually open all year round, which requires queuing area in winter and summer. Although there are only a few dozen days of extreme weather in a year, as long as the park is in operation, the comfort of tourists must be considered. Therefore, high-power fans can often be seen in the queuing area to cool the tourists; in recent years, more and more fog forest cooling is used in public places, so some queuing areas are also equipped with fan combined with fog Sen equipment; in winter, when the outdoor environment is cold, designers will set a small number of heaters on the roof of the structure or the square to maintain the basic temperature of the small environment.

5.     Safety protection

After the comfort is guaranteed, the safety problem will be accompanied. When the fan is running at high speed, it will produce a certain frequency of vibration, so the fixed point is relatively easy to loose. Therefore, an additional rope will be attached to the head of medium and large fans. This is actually a fan safety rope to prevent the fan from falling down and injuring tourists.           

The fan is usually fixed on the side wall or ceiling, and its height is usually such that an adult tourist can lift a child on both shoulders, and the child will not be hit by the high-speed rotating fan when the child raises his arm. There are also safety barriers around the heater to prevent tourists from touching and scalding.            

In the seemingly inconspicuous queuing area, these zero and zero total equipment and details bring comfort and care to tourists in this silent way.

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