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The planning and design of water park equipment is very important for the later operation of the park

The planning and design of water park equipment is very important for the later operation of the park

In hot summer, water park will be the first choice for city people to spend their holidays and leisure. But looking at the whole country, there are no less than 100 water park projects. How to stand out in many water projects? Previous planning and design of water park equipment is very important. For water park, water is the most important carrier. Many water park equipment are built according to water. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to in the planning and design of water park:            

1. Proportion of planning            

Water park equipment area and leisure area should be distinguished, and the planning proportion should be appropriate. Too many water park facilities are crowded together, which will cause unopened, affecting visitors'experience. For example, wave-making pools are located in the center of the park, are the focus, the largest gathering place of passengers, the most popular place, with large investment, high operating and maintenance costs, and are the happy world of young people and couples. And children's pool: strictly called family happy pool, all adults take children to play, small investment, low cost of operation and maintenance, should be set up enough leisure space for the elderly and inconvenient women to enter the water.            

2. Tourist safety            

Every year in mid-July and mid-August is the peak time for tourists, which is prone to accidents. The largest water park in China also clears the ambulance access after the most serious accidents. Therefore, ambulance access is an important factor that must be taken into account in planning.            

3. Viewing from the implementation of scenic spot service.            

In terms of the details of facilities, the necessary shower rooms in the water park can actually be open, there is no need to set up doors or curtains, which can save space and resources in the peak period of tourists. Food purchasing points can be set up more appropriately with a wide range of distribution, which is convenient for tourists to buy. At the same time, management issues should also be taken into account so as not to pollute the waters of scenic spots.            

4. Landscape details            

We must have commanding heights. Setting the commanding heights of scenic spots is like the collar of a dress, which commands the whole paradise. At the same time, it can let tourists experience the pleasure of climbing high and looking into the panorama of scenic spots. In addition, drifting river is an indispensable element of water park. In the design, attention should be paid to the atmosphere of the jungle, the water quality must be clear, the channel set up roundabout and reasonable, and at the same time, attention should be paid to controlling the flow rate.

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