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How to play the night economy in theme water park equipment - part one

How to play the night economy in theme water park equipment - part one

The Connotation and Significance of Night Travel Economy

Night economy is an economic concept put forward by the United Kingdom in 1970s to improve the phenomenon of empty nest at night in urban centres. It refers to the modern urban consumption which takes local citizens and foreign tourists as the main consumers from 18:00 to 6:00 on the same day and takes leisure, tourism, shopping, fitness, culture and catering as the main forms. Cost economy.            

Night tourism economy is more from the perspective of night tourism. In a narrow sense, the use of leisure time after 18:00 to experience activities in the destination can be called night tourism. With the gradual disappearance of the boundary between tourism and life, the connotation and significance of the economic development of night tourism can be interpreted from three perspectives.           

First, for tourists and scenic spots: Night tourism solves the problem of "difficult to stay" in most tourist destinations, prolongs the stay time of tourists, increases the number of overnight tourists, and expands the source of tourism revenue.           

Secondly, for the local residents: with the acceleration of the pace of work, night has become a window for young and middle-aged people in busy cities to relax and release. A previous survey of urban residents'consumption habits found that 60% of consumption occurs at night, and that the sales of large shopping malls from 18:00 to 22:00 a.m. each day account for more than 50% of the total sales.           

Thirdly, aiming at cities, night travel can promote the development of food, accommodation, entertainment, experience and other related industries, lead the new economic growth, and also become an important driving force to enhance the city image brand and comprehensive competitiveness. Some economists constantly use the change of city night lighting as an important indicator to measure the prosperity of the country and the city.           

The boundary between tourism and urban life and leisure is gradually blurred, and the urban night tour is also developing towards the direction of "a better living space shared by the host and the guest". Tourists and local residents interweave and shuttle through the night market with dull lights to quietly perceive the unique cultural charm and charm of a city.

What is the consumption potential of night travel?

1. Night travel consumption data increased steadily           

According to the special survey data of night tourism conducted by China Tourism Research Institute, the total retail sales of night social commodities in Shanghai have approached half of that in daytime. Only during the Spring Festival of 2019, night consumption accounted for nearly 30% of the total daily consumption, while night travel accounted for 30% of the total night consumption. In 2018, the number of orders for donkey mothers with "night tour" labels increased by 9.0% year on year. Tourist boats, theme lantern parties and cultural experience activities become the weather vanes of tourism heat at night. In 2019, the number of tourists increased by 114% compared with the same period last year. Night travel has considerable economic benefits and huge potential. In a city with 3 million permanent residents and floating population, assuming that 10% of people spend on night travel every day, assuming that per capita consumption is 30 yuan, there is a large market of 9 million yuan per night, and annual income can reach 3 billion yuan.

2. Nocturnal consumption demand is exuberant and supply is insufficient.           

However, at present, there are obvious problems in the supply of night tourism in China, such as the shortage of supply and demand and the mismatch between supply and demand.            Demand side——           

According to the "Night Tourism Market Data Report 2019" issued by China Tourism Research Institute in conjunction with several departments and institutions, the main consumers of night tourism are young and middle-aged couples and family night trips after 1980 and 1990. The average stay time of domestic tourism is 3 days, and the night tour from 6:00 to 10:00 is generally accepted by the industry. Gold four hours, night travel costs more than 200-400 yuan and 400-600 yuan.            

There are two prominent characteristics in tourists'consumption preferences for night tours: first, the demand for night tours is becoming more and more diversified, tourists' demands for landscape, activities, catering, leisure and other elements of night tours are relatively balanced, and both the richness and quality of night tours are emphasized. Second, cultural experience is an important part of night tourism, cultural festivals and city activities, cultural sites visits and other activities occupy the forefront. Deep cultural experience has become an important part of the consumption of multiple night travel scenes.           

Supply side——           

From the supply point of view, 72.99% of the 657 tourism enterprises that participated in the survey provided less than 30% of the categories of night tourism products, and 79.24% of the tourism enterprises had less than 30% of the income of night tourism products. At the same time, the investment, product supply and profit level of tourism enterprises in the field of night travel are far behind those of daytime products.           

Although there are some shortcomings and gaps in the supply of night tour, under the background of strong demand for tourists, more enterprises are optimistic about the market prospects of night tour market and are willing to increase investment and quality investment in the future. The upgrading of tourists'experience demand will promote the quality of night tour, and the market potential of night tour is huge.

How can theme parks leverage the economy of night trips?

There is a big imbalance between supply and demand in the night tour economy, and the night operation of theme parks is also a big market. The function of night operation of theme water park equipment is similar to that of anti-season tourism in some aspects, such as balancing the rhythm of tourism, diversifying the flow of passengers and improving the satisfaction of tourists (cheaper + fewer people + satisfying individual needs). Function. More importantly, the night operation of theme parks can bring more income, so the perfect night management strategy is a required course for every successful theme park. The author illustrates the methods and Strategies of leveraging the economy of night tour in theme parks by means of theoretical model and case study. Night tourism in theme parks includes many types, including night landscape, night recreation, night festivals, night performances, night catering, shopping, accommodation, night cultural and artistic leisure, etc. The author divides the night tour products into three circles to explain the development strategy of the theme park night tour mode: the core engine of attracting crowds is usually the experiential activities such as performing arts, cultural festivals and night theme amusement, and the commercial night market (catering, retail, cultural and leisure business) and accommodation are the core matches. Lighting landscape as a basic landscape support, the three complement each other, and are close to experience. Night markets and lighting in the 2nd and 3rd circles can also become the core attraction according to different types of theme parks.

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