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Key design points of water park

Key design points of water park

In recent years, a large number of water parks have mushroomed and become the most potential investment industry with the rapid development of water parks. However, it is not easy to design the water park as it requires professional level and forward-looking concept.

The main points of water park design are listed as follows:

1. Determine the nature and theme (style) of water park design. Do not blindly play with the concept because what consumers want is to experience. As long as the theme and style are highlighted, enough article is ok.

2. In the design of water park, we should pay attention to the harmonious coordination with the theme environment (including human environment and ecological environment). It embodies its own unique views, integrates architectural landscape and water landscape elements, and embodies the theme style in details through elegant and comfortable environmental art packaging.

3. The design of functional areas shall be clear, scientific, environmental friendly and reasonable. Gradually set up the functional areas so that tourists are fully engaged and intoxicated.

4. The design of water park should be unique and novel. It should research and analyze the needs and feelings of consumer groups to set up unique water amusement facilities and multi-functional entertainment. It will make their own highlights and uniqueness in the industry, enhance business competitiveness and let tourists feel the water entertainment.

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