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Prevention techniques of water park design for Large Indoor Theme Park - part two

Prevention techniques of water park design for Large Indoor Theme Park - part two

1. Evacuation design measures           

According to the actual situation of the project, the evacuation water park design can be carried out according to the following measures:           

(1) The maximum number of passengers in the main entertainment facilities of the project is fixed. It is suggested that the number of evacuated people should be designed according to the maximum design capacity of the park, and the measures of personnel excess restriction should be adopted.           

(2) Evacuation distance design. The project space is large, which is conducive to personnel evacuation. At the same time, evacuation distance design refers to some international design methods. For example, NFPA 101 stipulates that in buildings equipped with automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system, the maximum evacuation distance can reach 60 m; NFPA 130 stipulates that the platform evacuation distance can reach 91.4 m; NFPA 500 points out that the evacuation walking distance can reach 76m for crowded places such as stations; British DD 9999 points out that due to the high evacuation distance. Relatively low space between large houses has greater smoke storage capacity, and smoke drops for a long time. Fire environment will not deteriorate rapidly, providing more evacuation time. Therefore, large space can extend evacuation distance correspondingly in the process of fire demonstration.           

2. Optimizing the design of smoke control and exhaust system           

In order to effectively eliminate fire smoke, smoke exhaust areas should be reasonably divided according to the main functional characteristics of the site and smoke prevention separation conditions and other factors. In view of the large space has a certain smoke storage function, the electric smoke exhaust window should be set as high as possible to eliminate the smoke rising to the steel frame structure in time, so as to prevent the spread to the human activity area. In order to ensure the effect of smoke exhaust, we should make full use of the first floor entrance and exit for natural air supplement. The air supplement amount should not be less than 50% of the smoke exhaust amount.           

3. Layered Linear Smoke Fire Detector (Corresponding Specification)           

When fire occurs in general space, fire smoke will rise rapidly to the roof, so setting fire detection device in the roof can effectively detect fire. For large space, it takes a certain time for smoke to rise to the ceiling, and smoke concentration and temperature will decrease due to air entrainment during the rising process. Therefore, the stratification of smoke should be fully considered in the setting of smoke detectors in large space. For space locations with height greater than 12m, the detection mode of layered network should be adopted for beam smoke detectors, and layered detectors should be interlaced with lower detectors. 

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