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Attention to Key Elements in water slide design phase

Attention to Key Elements in water slide design phase

1. Operating teams need to intervene, raise demand and supervise implementation at the water slide design stage. All parties should be aware that the construction of the park is for the sake of safety, comfort and operating efficiency of tourists. Therefore, all in order to rationalize and benefit the operation, is the best planning and design.           

2. The drainage and relationship of various strong and weak electric wells should be handled well, attention should be paid to the relationship between elevation and water accumulation. The dredging and discharge of water accumulation in strong and weak electric wells must be paid attention to in design. At the same time, we should pay attention to the sewage and drainage of dining halls and catering centers. Many Park designs are neglected or not taken into account, resulting in many problems of hygiene and cleaning in the late management of operation.           

3. Reasonable design of playground movement in equipment queuing area should plan queuing movement and area in off-peak season, which is convenient for tourists'participation, staff management and project reception efficiency. For some projects, in order to pursue landscape unilaterally, the relationship between upper and lower passenger areas is neglected: the difference between upper and lower elevations is large, and the distance between them is long. These factors will affect the physical strength of the game and the interest of participation.           

4. The green planting, sunshade system, cooling system and leisure facilities of the water park need more humanized planning. In hot climates, tourists from one place to another will be sunburned unconsciously for about two minutes. Therefore, all kinds of shading facilities and leisure facilities should be fully planned and reserved space. In addition, due to the elevation problem of drainage outlet, some green space can not drain, so the factors of green vegetation blistering should be fully considered and avoided in the design.           

5. Attention should be paid to the planning of the relationship between tourist gathering places, performance venues and commercial and catering venues, so as to improve the efficiency of the second elimination. To achieve a dense gathering of passengers, commercial, catering, performance function venues (second-level performance venues, first-level performance venues in the main stage).             

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