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Post epidemic period: tourism experience and operation pattern being reshaped

Post epidemic period: tourism experience and operation pattern being reshaped

Whether it's a city leisure tour or a self driving tour around, it's a small and long vacation tourism product that we are familiar with. It seems that it doesn't extend a new theme. However, when a sudden epidemic becomes the normal control of life order, the demand of tourism market will produce new changes and new characteristics. Not only for the hotel, resort, scenic spots, but also for the theme parks, water parks(water slide), zoom, etc..

Two key messages have emerged: first, urban tourism will usher in a new transformation, bringing about the upgrading of city image and city service brand; second, from mass tourism to personalized customization, hierarchical consumption will promote market segmentation, such as sports type health care products, campsite layout based RV tourism products, and even low-altitude flight and other new business breakthroughs.           

There is also a hidden message that the intelligent development of tourism makes the relationship between tourism products or destinations and tourists closer, and the experience quality of tourists will be further improved.

In terms of travel time, the family long vacation to meet the needs of parents and children is limited, and the travel frequency of weekend and small long vacation is greatly increased. However, the time from the beginning to the rapid development of family tourism is not long. From the perspective of market threshold and employment requirements, there is no unified standard. In particular, the tourism products with parent-child attributes, in fact, lack of family services, resulting in "parent-child travel is not parent-child".           

Parent-child products are not ready-made tourism projects put on the slide, enclosure feeding sheep label design. It is a two-way integration across the age group. For parents, it is an emotional guidance for fun, and for children, it is a children's paradise for cognitive education and playmates.           

Therefore, the "parent-child Tour" is a customized tourism product, and the refinement of products, scenes and services will be the focus of future development. For example, for the entertainment facilities classified by age level, cultural and creative products and travel products packaged according to family needs, the designers of tourism products need the participation of educators, picture book promoters, sports coaches and other multiple identities, so that the so-called parent-child tourism's function of education and entertainment can be released and recognized by consumers.

From the response of online reservation mechanism in the early stage to the monitoring process of "one scan code, two temperature measurement, three interval release" when tourists enter the scenic spot, how to avoid the clustering of tourism mode, rational control and human-oriented service are combined to provide comfortable tourism experience is the optimal path for the scenic spot and tourists to share the spring light, and even become a normalized management plan for the scenic spot.                     

In the future, the Internet of things will build an efficient and energy-saving service network through the exchange of sensors, change the business management mode in the aspects of scenic area environmental protection, personal health, emergency prediction and tourist satisfaction, innovate the service concept, accelerate the subversion and transformation of Intelligent Tourism to traditional tourism industry, and finally realize the transformation of tourism industry to modern service industry driven by informatization.

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